It's The End Of The Virtual World As We Know It

"Virtual photographer" Robert Overweg has a portfolio up on his site, showcasing a series of shots he calls "The End of the Virtual World".

They don't show the last minutes of a dying game world; instead, Overweg journeys to the end of a game's maps, shooting the desolate, lonely places that exist on the periphery of your favourite video games.

Four titles are features: Left 4 Dead 2, Half-Life 2, Counter-Strike and Modern Warfare 2. You won't find any men running around. Or aliens. Or tanks. Or ammo, or crates, or health packs. There's just... a road. A road to nowhere.

[The End Of The Virtual World]


    Cyberspace is going to be a strange place onday.

    It's eerie enough mucking around in GMod maps, wondering what would happen if somebody just came alone in an offline game mod...

    When "the cloud" means everything is online, this will be possible....

    I can use noclip, hide the hud and take screenshots. i r a artist.

    Seriously though, I've got an exhibition of Hammer screenshots coming up soon that'll blow your freakin mind!

    there's nothing impressive or artistic about this whatsoever... why even bother? does he think he's being cool/fringe?

    then again maybe i'm just too small minded and don't "get" it

      No, you get it just fine: these are nothing more than screenshots, and not especially good ones. There's no more than a casual regard for composition and some of the pictures don't even have particularly striking or notable subject matter.The idea has plenty of artistic potential, but the execution in this case is decidedly average. Maybe by some definitions it is art, but that's besides the point. Even if it is, you'd be hard pressed to convincingly argue that it's GOOD art.

    Oh wow, screen shots of the edges of levels. Breath-taking. /sarcasm

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