It's Time For Star Wars Corsets

Currently, I'm not in the market for a corset. Perhaps one day, I will be. Right now? No siry. That doesn't mean you aren't though!

Custom corset maker Evening Arwen has this "Galactic Lord Corset" and this "Galactic Trooper Corset". (The "Galactic" moniker is code for please-don't-sue-us-George-Lucas!) They ain't cheap! The Galactic Lord bit is priced US$600 and the Trooper outfit is $US500. And that doesn't include things like leggings and blasters.

It takes up to six weeks to complete the corsets. And corset itself is designed to take in the wearer's waist anywhere between 4 to 5 inches. You know how Darth Vader takes in his stomach 4 to 5 inches?

By pinching his fingers together. No, really!

Megalomania just got sexier with this Galactic Lord Corset Costume! [Evening Arwen via Buzzfeed via io9]


    I have a curious compulsion to submit to imperial interrogation...

    I have the droids that you're looking for....

    OK guys, question time - how do us geeks persuade our not-so-geeky wives to purchase and wear these outfits?

      Just man-up and wear it yourself..

      If you figure it out, can you tell me?

      I would have thought wearing something like that would be rather un-manish. Besides, I doubt most of us would fit into those, even if we wanted to. :)

    Halloween just got even sexier...


    holy shit....

    ...i don't know whether i should get one for me for future comps or the missus...

    I approve of this. More women should ware corsets....As long as they are hot and 18-28.

      Dood! You have seen Monica Belluci, right? That woman is 40-sumpin and hotter than most!

    "Are we in heaven?"

    "No, we would have heard 'We are crashing, we, we are crashing'."

    Damn, those are fine.

    "Don't try to excite us with your sauciness ways, Lord Vader."

    Better have a safe word ready when it gets to the choking part, but I guess that depends what she's "choking" though doesn't it.

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