Jamie Lee Curtis Loves Her Some World Of Warcraft

Think Jamie Lee Curtis and you think Hollywood star. Maybe that scene from True Lies. You probably don't think "World of Warcraft apologist".

Yet here she is, cashing in on Avatar, sticking up for World of Warcraft in a way that only a Hollywood actor - or someone who actually plays the game - could. Don't believe us? Look at those hand gestures. There's passion behind this that only $US15 a month and an acting background can get you.

If only more celebrities would be this forthcoming about their secret gaming habits. Like, Oprah's Nintendogs stable. Or Justin Timberlake's Farmville obsession.

[via Big Download]


    You know the very fact that Hollywood 'Stars' are into world of warcraft makes me think I'm on to something staying away from them

    It's weird. When I saw Avatar I though pretty much a similar thing. It was impressive to me, but it wasn't anything I hadn't seen in Guild Wars, World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy.

    I don't understand the cashing in comment. Where exactly does the cash come into this?

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