Joe Danger, Still Looking Awesome, Out Next Month

Hello Games' Joe Danger, for the PS3, looks amazing. We'll get to see whether it actually is or not next month, since that's when it'll be available for download from the PlayStation Network.

June 8 is the exact date you'll be able to put Joe through his paces, in a game that plays a little like Pain-meets-ExciteBike, only with the added bonus that you can create your own levels.

What I'm most looking forward to, though, is multiplayer, thanks to the inclusion of a good ol' split-screen mode.


    That looks FREAKIN' hard!!

    Excite bike had a level creator

    I would have no hesitation in betting it will come to at least PC or 360 – maybe both.

    Being an Indie game, they would wanna offer it to as many people as possible. And i would much prefer it on the 360.
    Looks fun though – i may have to check it out on the PSN if they show no 360 love. It WOULD be the first PSN title i’ve ever played or purchased.

    This is a little strange as far as I know it is coming to Xbox 360 too, a friend even saw a video with all the buttons for Xbox 360.

    Why is this now showing up as only on PS3?

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