Journey To The Centre Of A Vagina With Privates

No word if Microsoft has changed positions on Privates, the irreverent safe-sex-themed game still being produced for PC. Zombie Cow Studios has gone ahead with this trailer anyway. "Don't touch it, you don't want it growing all up your balls!"

No word on its release either, except for the oh-so-clever signoff that it's coming (pause) soon.


    i hate to admit it (again) but this game looks like an absolute corker!

      A game to be played co-op I assume?? *wink wink nudge nudge

      Does look rather quirky and fun though :)

    I... am at a loss for fonts.

    people say hitler had syphilis and well... look at him.

    and there goes godwin's law.

      The "law" is a trap. It's actually people who reference it that lose at life.

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