Junglist UNSE3N At E3: All Good Things…

E3 2010 is a wrap, but not before I've given my final insight into gaming's biggest show on Earth. If you haven't been paying attention, catch the rest of this series here (Day 0), here (Day 1), and here (Day 2).


    Nice vids, funny as... love your work.

    Junglist, Hex is hot and all but we miss you from Good Game!!

      i second that motion

      Junglist is too good for Good Game, and these videos prove it! Go Jung, keep the reports coming.

    Panties, over pixels. Ha! Classic.

    Glad to see some fun poked at the 'serious business' arguments going on about the necessity of booth babes (A la, PA banning them from PAX)

    poor Jung, even when he's doing his own solo segment he loses his job to an attractive woman with questionable gamer credentials, given the incorrect identification of the Deep Impact perk.

    I liked the part where you ate the bottle. :)

    Ah, Jeremy. Seeing the pretty lady take your mic again... It's just like rubbing extra-hot vindaloo into a rash on one's Lady Places.

    The art commentary and the Crazy Person With No Sound montage were gold.

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