Junglist UNSE3N At E3: The Middle

Junglist UNSE3N At E3: The Middle

I’m back, and today you’ll see a bit of what happens when you have a GOOD day at E3! See my first two daily reports here and here.


  • I like the Kinect ad telling one of the Kotaku US guys to have a poop.
    If that were me, I’d be all like “Thanks Microsoft, I do enjoy being instructed on the timings of my bowel movements, you guys are great.”

    Also, can’t wait until the retail release of the giant hamster ball thing. Looks exciting!

  • These are really great Jung, it’s awesome to see someone with a little more lighthearted take on an event that’s normally Super Serious.

    ABC don’t know what they got rid of, keep it up man.

    • But seriously, It’s awesome to see Jung there doing what GG used to do best. Give honest, humorous coverage of our beloved pastime.
      I still watch GG, because there isn’t anything else as far as I know. Are these going to be extended into an actual show? PLEASE!!!!!
      I’m pretty unhopeful that GG will have anything good to watch on this next week. It will most likely be just funny “stupid” rather than funny clever or even entertaining…

      • Yes! I agree so much. Get back onto a gaming show! Or failing that, make your own show and release it on kotaku every week or fortnight.

        That’ll be awesome 😀

        Or failing that, make the next installment of your E3 coverage longer!

  • This is going to be interesting. GG E3 episode vs Junglist’s E3 show. Did ABC make the right choice? Did Junglist make the right choice in walking out? After yesterday’s short episode I don’t know who is right. Saved a bit of face with this clip, because in yesterday’s you were James Tobin, annoying, un-informative and quite frankly, dull.
    Also try and get some sleep or ease off the party mix, you’re a professional tv presenter/reporter, at least try and look like one, otherwise you’ll just come across as amateur, like yesterday.
    No excuses Jung, if you’re going to make it in the wide open world you’re going to have to act like a professional, otherwise you’ll just fade into the youtube nether of failed games bloggers, like Lo-fi Life.

    • Hahaha, man. I haven’t been on the GG forums in a long time, but it’s nice to see you’re still as pleasant and insightful as ever. If you’re going to compare this to anything GG did at E3, you need to disregard the meat of their interviews and just look at the humour (and don’t you generally hate the humour in GG too?), because that’s all this was – a lighthearted look at the con, full of stuff that Jung came up with on the fly around all his other work. Do you think this is all he did while he was over there or something? lol, that’d be a pretty expensive trip just for like 10 minutes of video. ;P

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