Junglist's UNSE3N At E3 Round-up

Last week we sent intrepid reporter Junglist deep into the bowels of the Los Angeles Convention Center to bring you the real E3. Not the glitz, the celebs or the pre-canned game demos, but the dirt.

Junglist filed four videos, one for each day of the show. If you missed them last week, here they are again.

My favourite moment? When he asks the Team Ninja guys whether Samus will be playing any beach volleyball in Metroid: Other M. Either that, or Jung in the shower.

So hot.

Also, stay tuned in the coming weeks as Junglist will be filing some more in-depth reports from the show.


    Yeah it was a highlight of the E3 coverage and a delight that it was Aussie made.

    Yay for Junglist!

    Junglist, question:

    Did you see Bajo there? At all?

    Just curious.

    Such a great moment was the Metroid Xtreme Beach Volleyball question. I enjoyed explaining it to my girlfiend and telling her all about the whole reason for the XBV series existing.

    Would watch more.

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