Junglist's UNSE3N Journey To E3 2010

Want to see what it's like to be on the ground at gaming's greatest show? Here's the first of my exclusive daily reports for Kotaku Australia. [This first appeared Tuesday evening, but we're bumping it up for those that missed it. Through to the end of the week we'll have daily reports appearing late afternoon / early evening direct from Jung at E3. -SB]


    great to see junglist rollin again

    Ahhh In-n-Out Burger...

    Much better than Chuck-A-Rama

    Good to see Jung again, although maybe saw a bit too much of him? :P
    Also, I second the suggestion for "animal style" fries. Apparently you can get your burgers that way too.

    I used to love junglist+bajo on gg but this actually seemed kinda ... lame. SORRY! Maybe after all the drama he's forgotten how to be funny? Hopefully he'll warm up.

    Jung, my mum asked if you could put your shirt back on please, mate


    Someone give this man his own show....err, again.

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