Just Cause 2 DLC Not Endorsed By Clare Werbeloff

Just Cause 2 gets some free DLC today in the shape of the Tuk Tuk Boom Boom, a heavily armed and armoured rickshaw. You can grab it via PSN, Xbox Live and Steam.

Also, Eidos Square Enix sends word that all players can now access downloadable content previously available as preorder exclusives.


    Please, please please tell me you had to google her name and didn't know it of the top of your head.

      I had to google whether it was Clare or Claire.

        I suspect you do all right at trivial pursuit ...

    I look forward to diving right into the driver’s seat of this thing after jumping off the top of a fighter jet 3 miles in the air. Or I could just walk up to it and open the door.

    I hope that when it shoots it flips backwards. NEWTON'S LAWS, PEOPLE!

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