K Monthly – May 2010

K Monthly – May 2010

Welcome to the May 2010 edition of K Monthly, a look back at some of the best original coverage, including reviews, previews, features, weekly columns and more from Kotaku.

It was a month of big changes, with Resistance developer Insomniac Games moving on to greener, multi-platform pastures and key Xbox execs making their own moves. It was a sombre month, with the deaths of legendary fantasy artist Frank Frazetta, actors Gary Coleman and Dennis “King Koopa” Hopper hitting within a few weeks of each other.

May also featured some amazing guests on the weekly Kotaku Talk Radio podcast, including Sid Meier, the creators of Red Dead Redemption, ModNation Racers and Alan Wake. Catch up now if you missed any of the following stories from May.


May 2010





Well Played by Brian Crecente

Stick Jockey by Owen Good

Tim Rogers

Leigh Alexander

Lisa Foiles

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