Kanex XD Review: More Gaming On Your IMac

For the relatively small intersection between 27" iMac ownership and those hoping to play their PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on that iMac exists the Kanex XD, an HDMI to Mini DisplayPort that I now don't want to live without.

The powered converter performs a seemingly simple task for its $US150 asking price, taking the output from your high-definition video game console or other piece of A/V equipment and making use of the display input on Apple's top tier iMac.

It's pricey, yes, but if you're even thinking about hooking up your now-gen console(s) to your brand new iMac, you're the target market. Is the option for a second, big, bright, beautiful monitor on which to play video games or Blu-ray movies worth it?


It Works, Charm-like: Hooking up the Kanex XD couldn't be much simpler. Plug in the AC adaptor, hook the converter up to your Xbox 360 or PS3 via HDMI, slip that Mini DisplayPort cord into the iMac and you're good to go. You may need to adjust your console's resolution to 720p manually, depending on your set up, as the iMac does not currently accept a 1080p signal over MDP. Switching between the Kanex HD input and your Mac's desktop can be done with a click of Command + F2. From unpacking to set up takes just a few minutes, with everything most iMac owners will need included in the package.

It Looks Like I'm Working: For my needs, playing video games while also getting some work done throughout the day works like a charm. It's how I reviewed half of Red Dead Redemption, riding through the game's starlit plains and sun drenched canyons while sitting at the same computer that I use to write. Even with the resolution locked at 720p, playing PS3 and Xbox 360 games on a big monitor, just a few feet from my face, was a great experience.


Room For Improvement: Some of the Kanex HD's shortcoming are Apple's, not Kanex's. The iMac display resolution is lower than some games and Blu-ray disc optimally output and it's not cheap, but as a means to capitalise on the 27" model's dazzling display, it may be worth it.

The Kanex HD may be something of a niche product, but its simple design and ease of use make it an exciting option for the small crossover between the Mac userbase and the serious gamer.

Kanex XDhttp://www.kanexlive.com/products/item-id-3662.html was developed by Kanex and released on May 19. Retails for $US149.99. A review units was provided by manufacturer for reviewing purposes. Played multiple Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 games using the device, including Red Dead Redemption, Split/Second, Blur and Left 4 Dead 2.

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    Hey Michael, did you find the image looked as crisp as it would be on a high-def TV? I ask because the mac screen at a lofty 2560x1440 is exactly double the 720p res and I had concerns that it would look blurry (similar to how a Wii console tends to looks on a high-def LCD TV).

    At the moment I have my PS3 running through my 24" LCD monitor that I use my PC on and I've noticed the entire thing looks a bit blurry and comparably that runs natively at 1920x1200, just a smidgen over 1080p. Do you think it's worth making the jump?

      You have some good questions there.
      I bought a 24" 1920x1080 and took the video downgrade just so I knew it would be perfect for my 360

    I don't see why anybody would want to play a console on a Mac monitor. Especially for that price.

      In my case, I don't have the space for a nice big high-definition TV. A 27" screen as nice as that of the iMac certainly has some appeal, though I agree the price is steep.

    Choc full of Mac Tax.

    Erm, how is the 27" iMac lower resolution than the consoles?
    Isn't the 27" model 2560 by 1440 pixels?

    Ahh, I see, 1080P isn't a supported resolution but 720P is.

    Belkin make a similar product and so do Atlona



    Or you could pay a little bit more and get another 22" display with HDMI.
    Then when you don't use it for gaming you can still use it for work and it's portable for bringing to a mates place for some lan.

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