Kevin Butler, VP Of Endangering Agent's PS3 Exclusivity

PlayStation pitchman/executive mascot Kevin Butler tweets some ill-advised trash-talking at an unnamed old west video game that might appear on the platform he favours. The Eye of Sauron in New York may not be amused. [Twitter]


    GAAAARGH!! You idiot!! Why would you say such a thing!!

    Kevin, give yourself a facepalm for me... actually, make it a faceslap and don't hold back.

    he was talking about red dead redemption

      Oh thanks I thought he meant GUN.

    It'll be about as exclusive as the DLC packs for 360 were.

    The message appears to have been removed already.

      Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending who you are), this Kotaku post will stick around as proof.

    I actually think it helps the characterisation to have him *have* opinions. So what if it's not strictly political correct? Plenty of companies employ humour in their marketing. I would have thought Rockstar would understand...

    Yeah, Rockstar would get it for sure.

    I hope they have Kevin presenting at E3. The dude is hilarious. I wonder who writes his stuff? He sort of reminds me of Will Ferrell.

      I have to disagree. Kevin is actually funny.

    What a douchebag. I'm all for having opinions, but Kevin Butler just comes off as petty.

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