Kevin Butler, VP Of Gamer Inspiration

Even if Sony didn't have the most amazing E3 press conference this year, it did contain the single best moment at a press conference this year. This is that moment.

He might just be an actor, but he's our actor. Technically I guess he is Sony's actor, but I'm sure we can work out some sort of time share arrangement.

And yes, this was likely written for Kevin, or with Kevin's collaboration, but that doesn't make the message any less poignant.

A gigantic television in a tiny apartment. That is gaming.

Thanks Daniel for passing along the video!


    This was easily the best part of Sony's conference.

    Also, the bit with the kid interviewing for the PSP job...

    Do you snack?
    I eat several sucka's online each day.

    As an Xbox owner, I wish microsoft had thought of this kind of thing especially after the whole I'm a mac campaign.

    That was awesome. Sony's pulled this(Kevin Butler) off very well.

    That kid (Marcus), I think is the same kid that was in the movie "Role Models". Seems to be reprising the role he played in that movie, which personally i found hilarious.

      Check this link, (if it works) Gives yu some idea of exactly what this new Marcus campaign is about.

    Kind of funny that I had to look him up to realise he's part of an advertising campaign. Not doing a very good job if I don't even recognise your advertisements, Sony...

      If you don't know who Kevin Butler is by now, you haven't been paying attention.

      He's the VP of "sharpening things".

    I love my PS3 but that was the most vile piece of gaming patriotism hype I've ever seen. Utterly devoid of substance.

    What is "substance" in gaming?

      It's a trophy/acheivement that doesn't exhist but it does.

    I've enjoyed video games for the last 14 or so years of my life. Heck, video games taught me to READ! They've been my primary hobby ever since I was old enough to even have hobbies, and I doubt this is going to change any time soon.

    However, this video does not make me well-up with gamer pride. I do not feel a sense of achievement or accomplishment in the many hours I've poured into crossing the lands of Hyrule or grinding through swarms of monsters or tweaking my 'Mech to perfection. Sure, I enjoyed every moment, but these moments don't define who I am. I am a gamer by hobby, not identity.

    Kevin's speech, while amazing in its rhetoric, is, to me, horrifying in its message. "One Master, one King; his name is Gaming and may he forever reign!" This is not the message of marketing - this is the message of a religion.

    Video games are a great entertainment medium - heck, they're the GREATEST entertainment medium. They're probably art, too, and a way of reflecting upon and enriching your life. However, games are games - they are worthy of attention, but not worship.

    I've been thinking - more so recently - that this may have all gone too far. Perhaps we, the video-gaming collective, need to look at ourselves. Video games are a great hobby, but do they really deserve us dedicating all our time and effort towards them?

    (Flames approach in 3... 2...)

    To all the commenters who took his speech seriously:

    Don't. It's called parody.

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