Kevin Durant Gets The Cover Of NBA Elite 11

EA Sports' rechristened NBA franchise picked Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder for its cover today. He's the third player to make the cover of an EA Sports video game both as a collegian and as a pro.

Durant, entering his fourth year in the NBA, was also on the cover of NCAA March Madness 08. (Tim Duncan and Steve Francis are the other players to do the college/pro cover double.) He's the first player to appear under the new NBA Elite nameplate.

The name change emphasises a new direction in the game's handling with something called Hands-On Control, which discards canned animations for greater player responsiveness. It'll manage everything a player does on offence and defence, including dribbling, shooting, passing, blocks, steals and moves to the basket.


    I was amazed at how much I enjoyed NBA live 10. I usually steer clear of sports games, especially ones I don’t watch like basketball. I actually had to Google search the lesser known rules to basketball just so I could play it the right way. But this game was really fun, the AI on superstar mode is actually very challenging and the graphics and animations look fantastic. But, my favourite thing to do in this game is pick the best team, turn all rules and fouls off, lower all your opponents start to the minimum and vice versa for yourself, then play against the worst team. Not a lot of things are as satisfying as beating a team 112 to 0.

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