Killzone 3 Box Art Does Battle With Snow, Logos

Killzone 3's box art made flesh. It's nice, but between this and the Kinect covers I'm getting a little sick of this logo overkill.


    They like out-doing the previous fail that is their box-arts don't they Sony?!

    I understand they want the 3D part of the PS3 and the game to stand out, appeal to people and hopefully sell their product - but surely they can add it up the top like they advertise PSN and how MS advertise Kinect/XBL/Only on Xbox etc...

    Either way, the PS3 box-arts are a mess. Look at the top.

    PS logo - PS3 logo Playstation Network
    PS Move Compatible Only on Playstation.

    that alone takes up so much room on the already downsized Blu-Ray cover.
    I don't like the Killzone text either. It just looks so copy and paste. Maybe it they added a slight shadow - but I do like the picture, going with the 3D effect of a barrel of the gun in your face.

    Just Sony - clean up the box-art!

    Consider the added size of an Australian ratings logo and things get even worse.

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