Killzone 3 Trailer Heavy On Jetpacks (And Gameplay!)

It's nice to see a Killzone game where ruined cityscapes aren't the dominant environment. It's also nice to see that it's yet another 2010 game featuring jetpacks. Why? Because jetpacks are great.


    I'm really hoping that Rico dies early on. He was the least likable character from the first game and a royal pain in the arse for the second. Guerilla have got to understand by now that NO ONE LIKES HIM. Everyone wants to be a Helghan, just for a moment, so they can shoot him in the head.

    Apart from that, this game makes my pants fit nice.

    Great, now this game is going to be white/gray/blueish tones throughout instead of black/brown/gray.

    Still going to look terrible by my standards, it should look pretty not boring.

      Maybe it's just me, but I'm sick and tired of the grungy dirty brown colour palatte every single FPS/action RPG seems to go for now. I had no idea real life was supposed to resemble baby shit.

      This game looks amazing. But then again, I was disappointed at how the in-game graphics vs E3 trailer was for Killzone 2.

    Wow. I might actually have to pick up a PS3 to play this game now, haha.

    Wow, it looks... like Killzone 2 in the snow :/

    Why does Sev look different ,, and rico look the same ,, and wheres Natko

    Jetpacks are great?

    Jetpacks ARE great!!!

    So are Jetpacks the new must have for 1st/3rd person shooters now? Hmm I'm old enough to have played Tribes.

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