Kim Kardashian As Lara Croft? That Can't Be Right, Can It?

The Tomb Raider film franchise is on the cusp of a reboot, putting a younger-than-Angelina-Jolie Lara Croft onscreen and spinning a new origin story-type yarn. Could that younger Lara Croft be somehow famous person Kim Kardashian?

The next Tomb Raider flick is reportedly going to shoot in 3D and feature "a far more comic-strip version of Lara," according to a report Showbiz Spy, who says that Kim Kardashian, who's not really an actress so much as she is a person who gets photographed, is in "negotiations" to take on the role. The rumoured potential candidate for a future younger Lara - Kardashian's about six years younger than Jolie - is at least taking acting classes.

Kim Kardashian - The Next Angelina Jolie? [Showbiz Spy]


    wow they can't seriously be considering her.. this has got to be some kind of joke..


    She certainly has the assets to pull it off

    no no no no no!

    She won’t get it, not unless the studio actually wants this movie to fail. I’m banking that the studio probably couldn’t convince Angelina to do it. She’s moved onto more serious films. So they will probably try to get the next best thing, Megan fox or something. I remember a while ago Fox said she wouldn’t do this film because she didn’t want to be the next Angelina, but she was riding the Transformers 2 wave at the time.

    Oh god no can we please not have some dumb bimbo in the role

    get someone with some acting talent in there

    of course theyll go for someone like kardashian or fox tho

    because otherwise the movie wont haves its big name star to pull crowds

    If they truely wanted they could find someone who could actually do it justice but as usual it will just be failtastic :(

    she looks the part, and as long as she can act i wont complain

      Agreed! If she can act (and she is taking acting lessons which is a good sign) then why not give her a shot.

        sorry guys...

        but i've met her in person, and umm...
        you know paris hilton?'s like that.
        i mean shes classier and not as bimbo-ish.

        but no, she wont be able to pull a Lara Croft off.

          Ive met her too, and so has my wife.

          She is alot smarter than people think. She runs several successful businesses herself. The dumb thing is an act for the show. Don't believe it for a second.

        Look at those sexy fatty arms! ;)
        Just kidding, she's good, but can she act?.

    she isn't even a damn actor, I mean come on. Angelina when she took it on even though she hadnt done anything like it before had all the makings of a powerhouse actor, tomb raider just made her into the physical superstar she is today.

    I'm gonna go kill myself.

    What does “a far more comic-strip version of Lara,” mean?

    Is that spin for "dumber, more exploitative and explosiony"?

    Cause that's what the world needs, another flick that sends both comics and games back 10 years.

    Not like I saw the others, not like I saw this one... But I DID see that OTHER kardashian movie...

    I like mindless action movies, and I want to see Kim Kardashian in skin tight clothes for and hour and a half... this works for me. (that and I don't really care what they do with the Croft IP) :)

    well, you never know until you try.
    and so they say...

    Is this a real Lara Croft movie, or a, um, adult parody?

    Who gives a shit what she does, really?

    she needs to get the puppies out to keep me interested.

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