Kinect Marketer: Hardcore Gamers Will Be The First To Buy It

Microsoft's Kinect messaging is definitely core-obsessed. First they said they didn't want core shooters like Halo on it. Then they said it's got casual approachability but core depth. Now they're saying hardcore gamers will be first in line for it.

"I think we know that hardcore gamers will be the first to go out and buy it, as they are with any product," Ryan More, Microsoft's worldwide marketing manager, told CVG. "So we know we have to have a wide range of experiences, from things like the animals game you saw today to games that are more geared towards the core. So I would expect a wide range of products to be released this holiday."

Translation: We haven't even told you the price and we know you'll be the first to buy it.

More likely result: Most early adopters are hardcore gamers, but that doesn't mean most hardcore gamers are early adopters.

Microsoft's Ryan Moore [CVG]


    What a delusional stance. They seem to forget that the ratio of disposable income to average gamer in this economic time is far lower than a few years back. I safely predict a flop for kinect just as eyetoy did, just as the xbox camera did...

    Actually no, no way in hell i'll be the first to buy it. If I was interested in interactive gaming, i would have bought a Wii long ago.

    That last line is very true. As an early adopter myself I'm hoping I can resist!

    I'll run the same decision making subroutine as I always do

    IF obj(newshinything) has games(ilike)
    THEN buy
    ELSE end

    I've never seen one wii title that interested me, a few looked like they had potential but further research revealed dodgy controls or overly repetitive gameplay.

    I'll be an early adopter for kinect/move if & when I win a contest for one, otherwise I'll wait a few months and let the games do the talking

    FFFFUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKK OFF. Is he for real? Hands up hardcore gamers who will get this....... See? NO ONE! Only parents with five year olds will buy this.

      I'll buy it.. but I also fall into both the regular gamer and the parent with kids categories..

      I'll pay $150-$200 for it.. but I'll 'obtain' games (shovelware) for it till theres thres a Fallout or GTA callibre game for it that delivers what the Milo demo showed is possible..

        I doubt you'll see a game of that kind of calibre on it. At least not one that makes use of its controls like they want. Think of all the great games you love and imagine them trying to work on the kinect. Even games requiring only a simple kind of interactivity wouldn't work well.

        As for Milo, I wonder how much of it was real and how much of it was scripted. I'd say completely scripted knowing Molyneux. I'm sure if it is made into a game it will be completely disappointing, and about as advanced as chatting with a bot online.

    That's strange... because i was positive that i wasn't going t buy it... well, thanks for letting me know, Microsoft!

    Now, off to the shop to sell the rest of my free will so i can buy a shiny kinect! Yay!

    I think they just mean the true hardcore xbots will buy any new thing day one just to try it out.

    I think the navigational controls on the menu for the 360 are pretty nifty.
    I would probably be a sucker to get it on launch day if I had a 360, after all Im going to get the Move on launch day.

    Im just disappointed about the games for Kinect, which dont even come close to revolutionary controllerless new games.


    The only reason hardcore gamers will buy it is for the same reason they have the official 360 USB flash drive.
    Because it's official 360 merch.
    Doesn't mean they'll like it, or even play kinect games, unless one comes bundled.

    Well screw you guys, Dance Central looks awesome so I'll be all up on this!

      ...and I've just read the PALGN article about Dance Masters, it has freakin' parapara dances! MICROSOFT YOU COULD CHARGE ME A MILLION DOLLARS FOR KINECT AND I WOULD BUY IT. THAT IS HOW MUCH I WANT IT.

      Seriously, shaking with excitement. So awesome.

        I'm willing to buy it for $200, but only if I can sell it to Mr Waffle for $1,000,000...

        But seriously, I reckon that this comment is more an acknowledgement that it'll be priced beyond the means of a properly casual gamer - after all, it's looking to be more expensive than that casual mainstay Guitar Hero, more like most of the cost of a Wii (and the Wii has a significant back catalogue of games to justify the cost). If they'd planned to appeal to core gamers, they'd want Kinect to be appearing in Halo and CoD, since that's what core gamers are (still) buzzing about.

        At least Move will be accomodated in Killzone 3 and SOCOM, so Sony can properly claim to be courting the hardcore market. It doesn't necessarily mean we'll be buying it, though...

    Kotaku should do a poll on this. Not that you need to cause I'm pretty sure we all agree that most of us won't be purchasing this close to release, if at all, but it might be interesting. At least the poll would be 100% hardcore gamers.

      Indeed, poll for the win.
      Perhaps include one for Move for the PS3rs as well and include in the question if you have a wii or not to get an idea of the kind of gamer that actually is interested.

        A poll would be good... My answers though?

        I have all 3 consoles, the Wii truly hasn't been touched in a long time, though Super Mario Galaxy 2 is enough to change that.

        I've let my Gold subscription expire as I wasn't playing alot of online multiplayer on the 360. The bigger factor is that I would be a self-confessed PS3 fanboy, since the PSone... it really started to hit it's stride over the last year or two and all the multiplatform games are bought on the PS3 now.

        Even though I have experienced waggle in the past with the Wii, from all reports the PS3 Move is more responsive than the Wii so that is a step in the right direction. Certainly leaning more towards the Move though.

        Even though the Kevin Butler ads aren't meant to be taken too seriously, as a gamer for many years now we are programmed mentally for the need on some form of control device with buttons, either on a console or a PC.

        Certainly, think MS have balls to go out and try and change the way we play games and I have respect for them in trying. It's just they've shown nothing to convince me that what they are doing will be as intuitive as the simple controller. So until that day, if it comes, then I won't be picking it up...

    I think he's right.

    Casual gamers, who by the way probably don't think of themselves as such, most likely don't own 360's. To get Kinected they need a console too... so the first people to buy it will already own xbox's. The casuals will most likely wait until it's bundled with a console.

    I'd think of myself as a hardcore gamer and I'm buying it.

      Dude, it'll totally be bundled at launch for exactly this reason. In fact, Google brought me back to Kotaku for proof:

    I'll buy it. But not at launch. Definitely not at launch.

    I second the call for some sort of Kotaku poll, flesh out just what the consensus is on Kinect and the Move.

    Yeah. There is no way I'm buying it at launch. A year after maybe, but not at launch.

    The only way I would buy a Kinect when it first comes out is if there is a game where I get to use my hands as guns.

    I'd say dude is spot on. The people that are really into games, who classify themselves as core gamers, are always the first go buy the shiny new gewgaw.

    His message was, in order to keep those early adopters interested, they need titles geared towards them. More of the Metroid Primes, less of the Wii Sports...

    I was an early adopter of the Wii and got burnt by the abundant lack of quality titles. I'm waiting this one out until there's atleast a handful of titles to justify getting one - and I mean released, not promised titles.

    Funny, I already have a Wii for this rubbish. Seriously, the motion control gimmick annoys me in all but a few games on the Wii (Zelda: Twilight Princess being the most notable motion-control game that I enjoyed), so what makes you think I'll fork out another $150-200 for yeat another gimmicky control system that's only going to fuel shovelware harder and faster than ever before.

    I'd say that the author has the right of it:
    Most early adopters will be hardcore gamers, but there is no way in hell that most hardcore gamers are going to be early adopters. We won't buy it until it has been demonstrably proven to consistently and significantly improve upon several core aspects of game we know and love, without detracting from the original appeal of said games.

    If someone figures out how to plug this into a pc and use it as a rudimentry mo-cap studio I will be straight down the store to buy one.

    Till then, eh.

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