Kinect Unfairly Compared To...A Sofa

This is Kinect. It is Microsoft's new motion controller system. You cannot sit on top of it. Well, you can, but you'll break it.

You can sit on a sofa. Right now, I am sitting on a sofa! Amazing.

For snots and giggles, this comparison between a sofa and Microsoft's Kinect has appeared on the internet. Just because Kinect apparently doesn't play nice with couch potatoes, that doesn't mean it cannot be compared to couches.

A 90 dollar sofa? Really? I guess... And Kinect can apparently support more than 2 people, so that should be corrected. Also, that last comparison isn't quite fair. Hardcore games like Child of Eden can be played on Kinect. Other hardcore games can also be played on a sofa. Hey-yo!

2dgnokg [izit via Albotas]


    fan boy fight starts all over again

    Man, I want that sofa for $90!

    Sofa wins!

    Where can I find a sofa like that?

    How about a sofa made of Kinects. That has to be better!

    I swore i saw a demo of Kinect with 3 people, even if they were acting it out and weren't actually playing anything.

    There were 3 people!

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