Kinect's Final Hardware Revealed

Here it is, the final, retail hardware for Microsoft's motion-control camera, Kinect. Look familiar?


    Wow, the US site is so more up-to date than the Aussie site at the moment.

    Not out until November??

    I think MS has missed the boat on this one. The new 360 case looks, um, like a cheap PC, and the launch games announced for Kinect aren't all that inspiring for something that is still 5 months away. The move titles look a lot better generally, and the way the system adds graphics on-screen to the top of the wand is pretty neat if you are into motion gaming.
    I don't know, I could be wrong, but the new 360 @$299 + a Kinect at what ? $100 - $150? makes the system $400-$450.

    Glad to see wifi finally included though.

    Interesting, it looks pretty slick.

    But if you took the 360 logo off and put this up against a 360 and a PS3. Which console would you say it belonged to?

      ...and I just clicked through to see the new xbox. Makes sense now, as you were gentlemen.

    i'm dissapointed in microsoft. first they copied sony with the bumber buttons on the controller. then they copied them with a new 'slim' console to make more money and now they're copying wii with all the natal games and stuff.


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