Kirby Gets His First Game On The Wii

Kirby gets his first game in seven years with Kirby's Epic Yarn on the Wii, a platformer with cloth texture art-style. The game is coming this spring, Nintendo said.

The title is the first game from Masahiro Sakurai's new company, Sora. A demonstration showed an adorable Kirby romping around a landscape created from cloth, yarn and threads, turning into a car, balloon and a UFO.


    "Epic Yarn"? That is an AWFUL pun!

    But hey, if there's one series that is CONSISTANTLY top-quality, it's Metroid. And also Kirby.

      I don't think the Japanese use the term 'yarn' in the same way us Aussies do.

    The imaged and comments I found on the net peaked my interest so I found the trailer, this looks awesome. So far E3 is all about Nintendo for me.

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