Kojima's E3 Site Is Filled With Cut Scenes

As fans all over the world speculate about what we'll see of Kojima Productions Metal Gear Solid: Rising at this year's E3, the company's E3 site appears, filled with scenes of things being cut. What could this possibly mean?

We've not heard too much about Metal Gear Solid: Rising since it debuted at E3 last year. Unless I'm reading the teaser site wrong, that might be about to change.

It seems to me that a mosaic of scenes of things being cut indicates that we could be getting a look at some of Rising's cut scenes next week in Los Angeles.

That, or Kojima has completely lost it. Fingers crossed for the former!

Kojima Productions' E3 Site [Konami - Thanks Corey!]


    Maybe he just feels like 'cutting' people.

      he is trying to say that he was the one who took your legs and isn't very sorry

      If you look at the page's source code (ooh nerdy), then you can see that the site is tagged with 'Metal Gear' in the keywords section.

    Perhaps Metal Gear Rising is being.... Cut?

    Im pretty sure this is a sequal to the snatcher.

    I did alot of research for 3 days uncovering all the kanji behind the cut scenes etc... (Kanji parts pop up randomly).

    The Kanji itself is "秒奪"

    秒 means Second
    奪 means to be taken, stolen.

    Second Snatcher?

    Could be very possible.


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