Korea Actually Gets A Starcraft II Jumbo Jet

Wait, no. That's not right. Korea is getting two Starcraft II jumbo jets.

To commemorate the impending release of the second Starcraft game, the first which is somewhat of a hit in South Korea, Korean Air has painted two of its Boeing 747 aircraft in Starcraft II livery. Classy!

The move was unveiled at a big Starcraft media event in Korea earlier today, which also revealed a sponsorship deal with fast food chain Lotteria and the fact there will be one version of the game actually shipping with LAN support.

Catch is, it's a professional edition, and is for use in televised professional competitions only. Bummer! Correction: No LAN supported "professional edition" was in fact announced at the event.

Also snapped from the event was this menu, which looks like it's the in-flight options for the aircraft in question.

[via Fomos & NeoGAF]


    obviously it's been made, so what is stopping them from releasing it with LAN?

    I see it being cracked, and once again pirates will have a superior version to those who actually buy the game

      Exactly what i thought on reading this article. I don't get why companies seem to be discouraging LANs. Most fun I've ever had whilst gaming.

      Extra development cost doesn't make sense in this case when they obviously have built a LAN version. They must just like knowing exactly what you are doing with their games at all times.

    I find it somewhat amusing that an article about an jumbo livery managed to have a first post encouraging piracy... Disgusting really.

    On topic, I think that they look awesome and are kinda jealous that Qantas don't do as many funky liveries.

    I do wonder which races would be attracted to what meals. I would find it odd if a terran ate the third one, that would be a little like cannabalism...

      Yes, because my post was obviously encouraging piracy. Learn to read fool

    That looks pretty sweet.

    If a South Korean politician re-named himself Jim Raynor he would be running the country by lunchtime.

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