Kotaku Matchmaker: Modern Warfare 2

Kotaku Matchmaker: Modern Warfare 2

Aussie online gamers know that any online game is best enjoyed with, well… other Aussies. To ensure your weekend online gaming is as lag-free as possible, every Friday we’ll be hosting the Kotaku Matchmaker, where you can meet new friends online!

We’ll be theming each Matchmaker around a specific game, but you can also check back in the archive of older titles below.

This week it’s the turn of Modern Warfare 2. Why are we featuring a six-month old game? For one, plenty of you are still playing it. For two, the second map pack DLC hit Xbox Live overnight.

All you need to do is leave your Xbox Live gamertag in the comments below. Mention a bit about yourself, too: How experienced are you? Whereabouts in the country are you located? When do you usually play? Anything that’ll help other players decide if you’re really a good match.

Oh, and PS3 and PC owners, you might not have got the Resurgence pack overnight, but feel free to join in anyway.

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  • Dammit! Another game I don’t have. Oh well I’ve got Red Dead Redemption now so I might go through the RDR archive.

  • Xbox Gamertag: Blue Sardonyx

    Generally play at night and in the evenings in Mercenary team deathmatch.

    I’m also not very good, I routinely get the award for the lowest kills per death ratio.

    On the plus side, I don’t swear over an open mike and I don’t quit just because I’m losing.

    It’s enjoyment, not employment.

  • PSN – x7murderedcrows Currently lvl 23 on second prestige. I play most nights and heavily on the weekends. MW2, BBC2 and RDR are my games of choice for online pwnage.

  • PSN is ezylee

    BUT, I don’t really play MW2 online at the moment. Been pretty busy with RDR. Add me anyway if you feel the need. Mention you are from Kotaku as well please 🙂

    • Sorry, just to add to that.

      I am from Canberra, at last time playing MW2 I was halfway through the 3rd Prestige. I only play team deathmatch and I only camp if I am sniping. Other times I am out all guns blazing and usually with a good kill/death ratio.

      I play at night around 8.00 onwards.

      I am a Pisces and don’t like long walks along the beach as I tend to get sand in my underwear.

  • Steam Profile: ScottocS (in game: Blind Sight)

    Normally play whenever I can get online after work and before 5pm on weekends (work again).

    LvL 70 Second Prestige (Soaking up the Ak47 Goodness…. xD)

    Love these matchmakers, got about 4-5 peeps that play DOW2 out of one Matchmaker Article. Funny I don’t see that in the list. xP

    • YEa, many people still playing on PC? I am getting i soon and was wondering what the Multi experience is like through steam? I also have DOW2 and Chaos Rising, and aaways keen for someone to help me out! Steam ID: Brewer74. Mention you are from Kotaku so I dont get suss. Playin heaps of TF2 L4D2 and Borderlands through steam. Hit me up. Oh, and new Mutation today too. Tang.

      • There is the odd couple of thousand people in each playlist but you will find the more popular playlists have more. Gone a bit pair shaped since they just released the DLC Map pack onto the normal playlist rotation… so harder for people like myself (with the dlc) to get straight into a game… xD

        I’ve had a fare few bad experiances with your usual nade spam, noob tubers etc… but other than that I have had a lot of fun with little to know drop outs as far as matchmaking goes. Lag only every now and again but has improved a lot since it first came out.

        I play TF2 DOW2 and Chaos Rising (mostly Last Stand) on steam. If your online and im online, hit me up…. xD

        Also, Im located in North East Tassie, with a half decent ADSL 1 Connection… 😛

  • Gamertag: Crispy788

    Usually play on weekends, sometimes on weeknights. 2nd prestige, I’m OK at it, I get most kills award sometimes. I like Team Deathmatch and Hardcore Team Deathmatch. Based in Riverland region of South Australia.

    Buying the new map pack tonight so I’m expecting to put in a few hours at least!

    If you want to add me mention you’re from Kotaku.

  • Tag = Q Delta

    Normally I play during week nights maybe any time between 6-11pm, but any time on weekends is good… also, I’d kill to play some Doom 2 co-op on ultra violence or nightmare, maybe even some deathmatch… srsly, add me if you want to play Doom 🙂

  • PSN – mistahappy

    Based in Melbourne. I usually play around 9-10pm a couple of nights a week. Was lvl 32 1st prestige until my XBox RRoD, now I’m just a lvl 52 newbie. I’m primarily a Team Deathmatch guy and love to play shield on maps that are kind to it; not a lot of kills but OH so fun.

  • Xbox Gamertag: kekekela

    Generally play on weekends, level 30ish and i stopped recently but i guess this is an excuse to start again!

    and im frm adelaide!

  • I usually top the scores.
    I don’t usually talk, although when I do I’m a pretty easy guy to get along with.
    I usually play FFA
    Favourite Gun: F2000
    I also love a good Team Tactical.

    Gamertag: Sensual Lover

  • I’m usually hitting up MW2 on the PS3.. Cephalxn is my PSN..

    question though, is anyone else having a hard time finding full servers for RDR? it always seem i get lumped in with around 2 – 3 other people..

  • Howdy all – currently playing RDR but would be happy to dive back into MW2 if anyone’s keen. PS3 name is JessePenny.

  • PSN- b4d_le-gumby
    Play most nights at the moment from 8 through til beddy box. I’m only average at best but love bashing buttons. Live in the bush in north NSW and have only recently got broadband and discovered online gaming.
    Years wasted but am making up for it now.


    sydney, level 40 prestige 1
    been playing assassin’s creed 2 lately so not much MW2 but played 2 hours lastnight. kinda stopped when i bought AC2.

  • Xbox Gamertag: xUBERJEWx

    Mainly play Hardcore Search & Destroy and Demolition. At the moment hardcore resurgence of course.

    Australian EST time, melbourneian with good host (apart from ground war :P) so you’ll get a good game from me.

    Prestige 7 rank 62 and I love to just have fun in private matches and in pubs. also an excuse for only 1.11 K/D :DDDD

    check out my youtube pl0x http://www.youtube.com/xUBERJEWx

  • Hey,

    Steam ID: CameronStalin
    In Game: Cedwa13

    Level 44, 3rd Prestige.

    I’ve been looking for a few more people to play with. I won’t be on much for a while as I’m heading into exams but in three weeks time I’ll be on a lot.

    Kotaku, can we have a Monster Hunter Tri Matchmaker soon please? It’s particularly hard to find reasonable people to play with in that game.

  • Steam: Ultimacija or Gorstrom (can’t really remember which)

    I have no connection at home currently, but add me! I always need Aussie buddies and fellow Kotakuites!

  • xbox id: wepoo
    I play when I can. Should be on most of the weekend.
    Lv 39 (8000 more points and I get a new gun!).

  • xbox live gamertag: purpleax

    Love playing MW2. Not that good 🙂 but I at least try to play the game objectives in domination and capture the flag, etc. Dont know why people come to those game and camp out to get kills only.

    I dont care how many times I die – I just want the kills 🙂

    feel free to add me if you arent too hung up about the game and just want to have some laughs

  • Hey guys, you’re welcome to add me on Steam.

    SteamID: myst129

    I play MW2 frequently, have the stimulus package and will be getting the resurgence package.

    • I plugged a mic in, but I cant seem to be able to get it to transmit in MW2, I tried turning the volume up etc… it gives a signal/sound response when I flick it on or off but yelling into it wont even register on the soundbar (white rectangle box) ? !!

  • PSN: Jimcamx
    XBL: JimCamX

    I may be in Tasmania, but I’ve found I often become host of games with people as far away as Queensland and still have no one below 3 bars connection.

  • MW2: Half way through 1’st prestige. Usually a 1 :1 or better K/D ratio. (nowadays, not overall)

    Jodannar on Xbox Live

  • Hey, lvl 60ish noob in Melbourne.
    Play mainly FFA, Ground War and HQ Pro. Not too crash hot but I can’t stop myself from playin this damn game!

    Please mention Kotaku if you feel like adding us..

    XBL: Majiks

  • hey I play on PS3

    psn name is: chilly_15

    generally play no parties TDM or stimulus these days 🙂 FFA is also fun

    oh and I’m in eastern sydney area 🙂

  • xbox: Uproar H3ro

    Mainly play FFA, TD and HC TD.

    1st prestige
    K/D: 2.95

    I dnt sh!t talk, or call everyone fag every 10secs. I just wanna play with easy going, mentally mature gamers.

  • gamertag is “Maroungas” i’m really sick of not being able to find any aussie games when i feel like playing, and that is really often! D:

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