Kotaku Matchmaker: ModNation Racers

Aussie online gamers know that any online game is best enjoyed with, well... other Aussies. To ensure your weekend online gaming is as lag-free as possible, every Friday we'll be hosting the Kotaku Matchmaker, where you can meet new friends online!

We'll be theming each Matchmaker around a specific game, but you can check back in the archive of older titles below.

This week it's the turn of ModNation Racers, Sony's charming little kart racer. Maybe you'd like to find some fellow Kotaku readers to race against. Or perhaps you want some guinea pigs to test drive that track you've just built. Or maybe you'd just like to show off that mod you customised to look like Jesus.

All you need to do is leave your PSN ID in the comments below. Mention a bit about yourself, too: How experienced are you? What game modes do you prefer? When do you usually play? Anything that'll help other players decide if you're really a good match.

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    Love MnR!

    PSNID: peaky01

    Haven't played it much but will be getting into it pretty hardcore soon (just gotta get away from RDR...)

    I'll put your tracks to the test :P

    PSN: shimano6000

    I have a little experience with MNR but I have a track I created for the 10,000 drift (Drifting Superstar) called "Drifting Superstar A1".

    Usually play Fridays but perhaps not tonight!


    Eager to have a bit of fun around the old track.

    sounds fun, too bad I'll be at my uncle's tonight

    I would be so there... but I am going away for the weekend! :(

    Oh well... maybe next time...

    psn: j-pap

    Usually doing xp series but also creating heaps of stuff.

    Would love to, if only the XP races and Casual online races didn't always return "There was an error loading the race" then quickly boot me off

    PSN: MY350

    havent play the rank matches much but been playing the custom games.

    PSN: insanegamer66

    sounds fun should be there im getting better each day at this game.

    PSNID: Airdrawn78

    Usually play XP series in the evenings.

    Currently level 15, but have only won 1 measley race!

    See you there.

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