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Is anyone excited about the upcoming TV series based on The Walking Dead? Anyone?

I am. I know by all rights I should be expecting horror for all the wrong reasons, but the comic is just so good, and the wisdom in making it a TV series instead of a movie so sound, that I can't help it.

I just hope the carnage, and alarmingly high rate of lost limbs and appendages, makes the jump to the screen. If I get to the second season and Rick can still play guitar I'll be upset.

Not a Walking Dead fan? Then maybe read some of this instead. It's good stuff.

- There will be new Voltron. Not sure what was wrong with the old Voltron, but it's probably got something to do with the fat one.

- OK Soda looks surprisingly contemporary for something from the early 90s. Give it another shot, Coke!

- So a US Army officer is in trouble for allegedly leaking the video that showed helicopter pilots gunning down Iraqi civilians.

- A packing tape spider web looks a lot better than it sounds.


    Oh wow! I only discovered The Walking Dead last month but I've already read all of the issues from a local library. I can't wait to see this show up and running!

    Yes! Im stupid excited about The Walking Dead tv show!

    Ive been reading the comic for however long its been going now and I have to say its the only comic Ive thought "This should be made into a tv show."
    Thank god it is!

    But I dont think Rick will lose his hand in the series. Amputated hands always look stupid in tv shows. You can tell always tell the hand is tucked up under the sleeve.
    Unless the editors put a green sock over the hand and edit the hand out. . . but that will be too costly and time consuming I imagine.

    And I hope the series sticks to the comic source.


    Oh wow! I hadn't heard about that. I'm still waiting on news for the movie of World War Z.

    <3 Max Brooks.

      Its in development hell at the moment with Brad Pitts company.

      However, once THE WALKING DEAD starts, I bet you it shambles forward quickly.

    "I just hope the carnage, and alarmingly high rate of lost limbs and appendages, makes the jump to the screen."

    Recently Darabont sat down with a few websites and discussed this. Basically, AMC has said go wild with the gore, do what you like. They're a cable channel and aren't governed by the same rules as a free to air channel are. The main restriction AMC put on themselves, is the F bomb and the C bomb. They've told them no F words and no C words.

    Quite frankly, I can live with this.

    Darabont has assured that it will be quite gory at times. If you saw BREAKING BAD season 3 episode 12...


    SPOILER, skip the next paragraph if you don't want to have a moment in the 12th episode spoiled:

    There was a scene where some people get hit by a car, this was *gruesome*. Twisted limbs, broken limbs, blood, everything. Graphic for a tv show. Then to cap it off, someone shoots one of them in the head complete with GIANT spray of blood onto the ground. This more than reassured me that headshots in THE WALKING DEAD will be somewhat *sick*. Add to that recently, one character a few episodes ago had half of the back of his head shot off, and you literally saw it all blown off onscreen.

    We won't have a problem with gore :)

    Like Spartacus and True Blood on HBO. Cable tv shows. Very violent, bloody and full of language and nudity.

    perfect for 3D tv =D

    This will be great! But I believe it's only 6 episodes per season - short and so very sweet

      Yeah but AMC ordered all 6 episodes straight off of the
      strength of the pilot script, before a single
      frame was shot. This hasn't been done before allegedly. Which shows their confidence in it.

    I read the comic and ...meh. But I think I could enjoy a TV show a little more.

    Good luck to Robert Kirkman, hope he makes a tun-a-cash.

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