Kotaku Off Topic: Music Masters

Man, what a Tuesday, am I right? Let's let this day, my first Friday of the week, pass us by with a little off-topic conversation, shall we?

I'll be spending the rest of my night engaged in some important dialogue while listening to some new music purchases (pictured) and maybe playing a thing or two, like Dragon's Lair on my iPhone, some Team Fortress 2 and Sin & Punishment 2. Since I have tomorrow off, it's like I get two Fridays this week.

Crap. That means two Mondays! Poor planning on my part.

What do you want to talk about? Did you buy some new music? Are you getting that shiny new iPhone? Spill it, consumer!


    Listened to that album a few times this week. Not too shabby!

    That album is by far one of my recent favourites. Nice taste in music there :D

    Gotta love The National

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