Kotaku Off Topic: Ring A Ding Ding

For relaxing times, make it Kotaku Off Topic time, where we talk about all things, not just video games. But we do talk about video games.

I wish I had some booze right now, but a gut full of chili verde burritos and a copy of Adobe Illustrator will have to do. This artwork isn't going to create itself! What are you doing tonight? Any projects that you're working on? And what's your poison?

Join us in discussing these things and many others.


    Im trying to build a Linux server at home. might start tonight after a bottle of red. should be fun

      A worthy quest. Good luck to you sir.

        Ah, a worthy quest indeed. Which has left me as a linux pile of cd's as tall AS my pc.

    I've got farewell drinks tonight, a 21st (mate's sister) tomorrow night and a BBQ lunch for my dad's birthday on Sunday.

    So long, Liver!

      Oh, and my choice of drinks is either Grey Goose vodka (you'll never go back to cruddy Smirnoff or Absolut!) or some rum if I'm taking it easy.

        From my experience with vodka, I'd definitely suggest Imperia if you can get it. Not overly cheap (although not sell-your-first-born-expensive either), but man does it go down smooth! Certainly not something you'd want to tarnish by mixing though.

    Heading to Byron for a week with a bunch of work friends tomorrow. I just have one pesky exam left. Said pesky exam means rather than traveling down in two large groups I shall be driving there all on my lonesome.. Sigh ..

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