Kotaku Off Topic: Rise From Your Grave

In this not so special edition of Kotaku Off Topic, let's talk about non-video game related things we'd really like to fix. Me? I'd like a time machine to fix my troubles.

I'm chronically late. Even this post is late. But in the real world, I'm late for a going away party. So, a time machine would be really handy, barring all that space-time continuum mucking up that's sure to come of it. Maybe a time machine that just operates in 30 minute increments. That would be super handy. Perhaps I should just pre-apologize to everyone who ever invites me to something and expects me to be there on time. Sorry. Kept you waitin', huh?

Now you. And enjoy/loathe these things.


    Thanks for the link friend, and I think the whale is just taking a nap. :(

      Sorry I only clicked on this link because there was an image of snake plisskin

    Im excited about Loeb's new position. He should be really good in that field given his background.

    Also I am dreaming of a Tim Sale inpired [anything], that would be grande!

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