Kotaku Off Topic: Rise From Your Grave

Kotaku Off Topic: Rise From Your Grave

In this not so special edition of Kotaku Off Topic, let’s talk about non-video game related things we’d really like to fix. Me? I’d like a time machine to fix my troubles.

I’m chronically late. Even this post is late. But in the real world, I’m late for a going away party. So, a time machine would be really handy, barring all that space-time continuum mucking up that’s sure to come of it. Maybe a time machine that just operates in 30 minute increments. That would be super handy. Perhaps I should just pre-apologize to everyone who ever invites me to something and expects me to be there on time. Sorry. Kept you waitin’, huh?

Now you. And enjoy/loathe these things.


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