Kotaku's Buyer's Guide: An Introduction

To buy or not to buy, that is the question we're most commonly asked.

And it makes sense. After all, here at Kotaku we spend our days writing about, talking about and playing video games. So who better to ask about whether now's the time to pick up a Playstation 3, grab an Xbox 360 or Wii?

And what do you do after you buy one of those consoles or a portable? What are the best games to purchase for someone new to the system?

Instead of answering all of your emails and explaining the system to all of our relatives, we've decided to create a permanent place that people can go to get their answers: Kotaku's Buyer's Guides.

Our Buyer's Guides, will be updated regularly with Team Kotaku's group thinking on whether now is the time to buy a particular console and what you do after you've picked one up.

Kicking off today, the series of guides are meant to be not only a terrific jumping off point for people considering taking the plunge into a new gaming platform, but a way for current owners to stay up to date on the system they love.

So bookmark this page and make sure to check it out and send it around to anyone considering getting a new system because it will become the regularly updated single post that tells you everything you need to know about that system.

We'll be posting our team thoughts on the DS, iPhone, iPad, PSP, Playstation 3, Wii and Xbox 360 in a series of posts this week. Expect the first updates to begin hitting shortly after the dust settles from Apple's World Wide Developers Conference and E3.

Also make sure to let us know if you think there is a platform or system we left off but should include. We're still debating the PC, which is most certainly a gaming system, but is so diverse, so constantly updated and updateable that we're not sure it should have a guide.


    I like the idea of this, but the sad reality is that the people that generally have no clue on what to buy (eg what console for little Jimmy/Susie for xmas/birthday) are the ones that won't read up on this, and will just buy whatever the salesperson says... :(

    Great idea, I'll definately be checking in on this one (particularly in my recent brush with nearly buying Alan Wake and realising that renting was a much smarter option).

    Fair point on the PC, but there should at least be an effort to show particular titles worth buying and avoiding, even if you're not covering all of them. Could be a great way to get smaller independent titles some deserved recognition.

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