Latest Transformers Game Reboots The Robots Of Your Youth

Man, have I lost touch with the Transformers. I never knew they had an evil dinosaur that could transform into a city. When the hell did they start doing that?

That's Trypticon, at least, it's how he appeared on Cybertron in Transformers: War for Cybertron, due out June 22. Here's the game's E3 trailer.

My favourite Transformer was that dumbass Great Space Coaster Decepticon, what's his name- Astrotrain. He was, when you think about it, as useless as a third buttcheek. Let's see, he's a robot who can turn into the Space Shuttle - which is a glider without its rockets, remember - and then a choo-choo train without its track. Awesome!


    umm...Trypticon has been around since the 1980's.
    I think he appeard in the second or third season of the first Transformers series. He always battled Metroplex.

    Epic Fail. Next you will claim you've never heard of Scorponok, GoldBug and Wreck-Gar.

    In the original animated series Tripticon was built on Earth in 2005... so his appearance in the game (set before the Transformers leave for Earth) is out of synch.

    Still not the Transformers I knew and loved. Sorry.

    Trypticon appeared in season 4 i think it is, in the episodes: The Five Faces of Darkness (5 parter), then had a series of appearances in episodes to come where he was always bent on detroying metroplex and ended up continuously being defeated by being thrown into the ocean or some body of water by metroplex

    How embarrassing. You should do things to yourself Owen.

    This game looks cool, hopefully it will play like an extra-ballsy version of Armored Core.

    Im hoping the game is good. Looks to be a lot of fun.
    But something tells me that, regardless of how good it is, its not going to sell.
    I think the past Transformers movie games had something to do with that.

    But heres hoping its another hit like Batman: Arkham Asylum.

    I generally avoid newer TF G1 products but... that actually kinda looks awesome. Fingers crossed the gameplay doesn't suck.

    Woot. I'm looking forward to my free test copy from Activision :D

    I think I could enjoy this.
    They look different from the Bay films (which I really enjoyed) and G1 (which I grew up with and love dearly).

    I think the different looks in robot form are great since it helps the continuity while on Cybertron. Why would Prime have a flat nose truck look on Cybertron before he even thought of going to earth? Why would Bumblebee look like a VW while still on Cybertron...again, before they even knew Earth was on their next vacation list?

    The different looks are great, they look like the Cybertronian vehicles they change in to. Great idea. Yes their Cybertronian vehicle forms are different from the G1 cartoons....but really, those forms were not all that great and would not hold up in a game like this.

    Can't wait for this game to come out :)

    hopefully the fact its not a movie tie in will save this game

    because as with everything revenge of the fallen related the game sucked

    Trypticon is ancient, if my memory serves me correctly he used to fight metroplex back in the 80's.

    And Geez Owen, since when do trains need track? I drive my train up the highway all the time and everybody complements me on the damage it's doing to the now matted tarmac, not to mention the trail of smashed up vehicles.

    Have all the Pre-order Packages (extra characters in particular) from the different retailers been confirmed?

    If so, what are they?

      So far the only pre-order bundles i'm aware of are EB and JB

      EB are offering shockwave and jazz

      JB HI Fi are offereing a free comic...

      ..i haven't seen any other pre-order deals at all - just the game

    Well.... transformers scale was always fucked up. And it never made sense. I always wondered why they needed Astrotrain to transport the characters around when nearly all of them have been able to fly in space whenever the plot required it.

    And Trypticon/Metroplex were definitely not built on Cybertron so the continuity is a bit weird. But they are going to be some amazing boss fights.

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