Lawsuit Filed Against Final Fantasy XIII

Daniel Wolf has filed a class-action lawsuit against both Sony and Square Enix, claiming that Final Fantasy XIII has caused "severe and widespread damage" to PlayStation 3 consoles.

Wolf reckons that freezes some players have run into while playing the game have "caused their PS3 consoles to freeze and become totally and permanently inoperable".

"Both Defendants are eminently aware of the damage being cause by their defective products, and have chosen to do nothing about it," he adds.

Being a class action suit, which normally involve a ton of claimants, over $US5 million in damages and relief is being sought.

There is a big difference between a truly widespread, catastrophic issue - like the Xbox 360's "Red Ring of Death" - and something that only seems widespread because everybody posting on a support forum is having the same problem as you.

While we've no doubt many users have suffered through freezes while playing the game, it was mostly reported as a glitch in the game itself, particularly since it affected the Xbox 360 version of the game as well as the PS3 edition.

There are cases of broken PS3 consoles after playing, but then, consoles break after playing many games, and the problem is only accentuated when it's a bigger release, like Final Fantasy XIII. The more people playing, the more consoles are breaking.

I'm not sure this is worth a $US5 million class action suit, but hey, best of luck with it.

Final Fantasy XIII Freezes Lead To Lawsuit [IGN]


    Can we just sue S-E for how much of a dissapointment FF 13 was ?

      Yeah - if anything was damaged by FFXIII, it was the reputation of the FF series.

    Another day, another silly lawsuit.

    Yeah his machine probably got to the end of its life so when it heated to a certain amount it froze then apon restarting it straight away it YLOD. Maybe it wasn't the code in the game at all. GOW 3 killed my launch machine but I clocked hundreds of hours on my PS3 so I sucked it up, repaired it, backed up and bought a new one to continue for years with.
    Man Americans and there lawsuits crying foul annoy me.

    Omg so, so lame!
    Cause Sony are really at fault for this.

    Lawsuit part is pathetic - but the Sony blaming is just way too far.
    Fair enough if they published the freaking game, but they didn't!

    It's the developers priority to release patches to fix things wrong with the game - not the developer.

    So hope he loses - he better have some pennies saved to pay the court costs.

    Yeah i love it when things are claimed to be widespread because the forums are in an uproar

    the people who are raging on the forums are normally the onlyones on there because everyone else is playing but hey thats the way the world works

    while only a few might do something stupid the majority have to suffer

    Considering we've heard Sony go on and on about how the PS3 was meant to be around 10 years after it first came out, people (myself included) have a right to be pissed when they've gotta replace their PS3 every 2-3 years.

    The thing is though, Sony couldn't foresee the possible issues that would arise due to the crappy solder they're forced to use to supposedly save the environment. Hell, I've still got my (working) NES buried somewhere, so it's not in landfill, and subsequently not affecting the environment. Besides, isn't that what recycling centers are supposed to be for?

    In any case, the odds of that guy winning the lawsuit are effectively nil. Have the PS3s got a potential problem? Yes. Is every single one of them dying? No. Is it related to any game in particular? Hell no. Why in the hell is he filing a law suit? Because he's a moron. He should be going after the environmental groups that forced companies to use non-lead-based solder. They're the one's that caused the problems. Hell, Microsoft should jump in and nail them too. I'm sure they've got a nice big bill they'd like paid.

    I can't believe people are suing because of this. My PS3 froze while playing Brothers In Arms and when I reset it my PS3 wouldn't read any disks. Thankfully my PS3 was still in warranty so I got it fixed free of charge. Granted this was the second time I had to get my PS3 repaired which was for the same reason but since the second repair my PS3 has been working fine.

    Build a bridge and get over it people. Hardware fails from time to time that's why we have warranty's to get it fixed. :)

      I betcha that when your console froze you manually restarted the console by powering off from the back.

      I've seen lots of people do this and have had their consoles not read discs.

      Technically you've broken the console.

        Unfortunately your left with no choice but to turn off the console from the back because holding down the off button just doesn't work when the console is frozen like that. In a normal freeze however the power button will turn off the console just fine, but that time the power button wouldn't work so I was left with no choice but to use the switch at the back, as i'm guessing all those other people that use the switch at the back of their console in this instance.

    I'd file a lawsuit against S-E for FFXIII damages. Just not the type here.

    Mine never locked up once playing FF XIII and I wasn't disappointed either. No matter what a game developer does though there is always 30 tossers who will bitch about it not being what they wanted it to be, a remake of FF VII

      And many of those complainers if they got there remake will get bored when they realise that once you take away the stories first time wows there left with a game that would bore the hell out of them grind wise with no reward for the grind for the reasons just mentioned. No cut-scenes/story moments to reward them.
      The internet has breed a new age of people who think they know everything because they can hide behind a PC and not have the group there rubbishing tell 'em where to go.

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