Left 4 Dead 2 Gets Headshots-only Mode, Versus Changes

Valve is "mutating" Left 4 Dead 2 with a new headshots-only campaign variation this week, as well as instituting some substantial changes to Jockey and the AI Director in the game's Versus mode. [L4D Blog]


    any word of aus getting the full version?

      That is not Valve's decision, get over it. Just patch the game or get it gifted to you from a US. God.

        okay cutey pie.

      Sure, get it from the UK steam store...

    thats good and all, but what we really need is an uncensored version. but alas, it seems we'll never get it despite Atkinson being gone.

    Play L4D1 if you want uncensored - it's also a much better game, play it while there are still a few games happening each night.

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