Let’s Rate The Booth Babes!

Let’s Rate The Booth Babes!
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I have always wanted to be a Booth Babe and I honestly can’t give you a real reason why, except for that I like to dress up and pose in ways that can’t possibly help my scoliosis.

It seems that many gaming-related websites, especially ones on the Internet, have discussed the issue of Booth Babes – should they be banned, should they not be banned, is prosciutto an acceptable form of clothing, etc. Personally, I’m all for Booth Babes. The more, the better! Contrary to popular belief, not every Booth Babe I’ve encountered has the same Scholastic Aptitude Test score as mayonnaise – some actually know the title of the game their representing! Ha ha! But seriously, I commend these women. I can barely remember how to form sentences when wearing 6-inch heels and tight clothing for upwards of eight hours, so the fact that many of them have proved to be intelligent is downright impressive.

The booths at E3 2010 provided attendees with eye candy as expected, but the outfits were slightly disappointing. Many girls were dressed in boring tank tops and hot pants, as opposed to donning full costumes from their booth’s game. This is a shame, since I think Booth Babes are an awesome opportunity to take cosplay to the next level by using females in fantastic costumes to pique interest and sell games.

But enough serious stuff, let’s examine my favourite hired hotties of E3 2010! Now with colourful commentary!

I saw these warrior girls in front of the Magic: The Gathering Tactics booth, but I’m pretty sure they were there for Kirby’s Epic Yarn. Aside from the fact that the girl in the blue is holding her weapon with the same facial expression I would have if someone handed me a box of pig bladders, I like these costumes. Not sure how they would hold up in battle, however.

Score: 6

I can get behind these Nyko costumes because, let’s face it: this is the future. This is the kind of outfit we are going to be wearing while sitting in our flying cars eating push-pop sushi, listening to “Super Sprode” and playing with our 3DSs which double as time machines. Also, who knew Liv Tyler was a Booth Babe? Doesn’t that look like Liv Tyler on the left? I think that’s Liv Tyler.

Score: 7

Joke’s on you! This isn’t a booth “babe” at all! I just wanted to make sure you had trouble sleeping tonight! This is either F.E.A.R. 3’s Alma ready to pop or Alanis Morissette needs to get to rehab immediately.

Score: 8, because if I rate it any lower, Alma might show up at the top of the next ladder I climb.

I loved the Forsaken World costumes because, like Alma, these ladies are dressed up as characters from the game. These outfits were elaborate, shiny, and probably very, very uncomfortable – all the ingredients that equal a great costume. Check out work-in-progress photos at the Perfect World website!

Score: 9.5

The Mafia II Booth Babes certainly accomplished the 1940’s pin-up look they were going for, but lose points because those guns on the left are clearly fake. Come on, girls, I thought we were going for authenticity!

Score: 7

And finally, my favourite Booth Babe (and Booth… Bob?) of E3 2010: the Zombies from Dead Rising 2. The girl was occasionally taken out of her cage on a chain leash and paraded around the expo where she tried to bite off peoples’ faces. However, I started to doubt she was a real zombie when I noticed her ratio of growling to moaning was slightly off. I wanted Cliff Bleszinski to Lancer her in half just to be sure, but he was too busy mingling. So. You’ll know whom to blame if she starts the apocalypse.

Score: 10

I mentioned to Brian Crecente that I wanted to be a Booth Babe just once, for the experience. He reacted as though I instead told him I was going to cheese-grate my tongue. But I could be an awesome Booth Babe, the kind that actually knows what she’s talking about and cares deeply about distributing pamphlets. Or maybe I’ll cheese-grate my tongue. I’m always up for new experiences!


  • I can’t possibly agree with the concept of booth babes. Booth babes are paid to show skin and attract attention. It’s not a question of how smart they are or how much they know about the game. They’re basically there to entertain the perves. Cosplay is fine, and If you want to dress-up, it’s the best way to go to have fun. But booth babes aren’t cosplaying and if they are dressed according to the game, it is still with an aim to maximise the amount of flesh shown. A zombie in a bikini top? c’mon! It’s hard enough to be accepted as a girl gamer with a professional one condoning the objectification of women in the context of video game promotion.

    • Its advertising, they will use anything they can to get the attention of the audience, and what better way to get gamers attention then throwing a girl in the mix.

      Its everywhere though, its not just gaming, Grid Girls are another prime example.

    • I don’t ‘get’ the booth babe thing. I find it somewhat… embarrassing to gamers as a whole that we require scantily clad girls to grab our attention. E3’s the largest convention of a multi-billion dollar industry and we still can’t shake off the stereotype that we’re a bunch of juvenile pubescent pervs.

      No other industry would get away with this kind of behaviour. It also doesn’t help that the boothbabes themselves are completely clueless and probably just pretty girls with a dearth of money and pride answering an ad from Craigslist. It’s like that Simpsons car expo episode with the talking head

      -Do YOU come with the car?
      -Oh you, hee hee! (repeat ad nauseum)

  • I agree 100% with Julsie. Let’s not pretend booth babes are about cosplay. Or that developpers feel they promote their games in the way they want – just look at the results of the polls on the ban and what devs are saying: they have the booth babes in their vast majority. Instead, who are the ones that are the most in need of bringing back footage of booth babes from E3? Where did these babes come from? I doubt that the publishers did choose this in a unilateral way. What was the role of gamging websites and blogs in the emergence of this phenomenon? Aren’t you the ones pushing for it to increase your webpages hits? Well, I can only say one thing: the more I’ll see crap about booth babes, half-naked anime figures and disturbing japanese games, the less you’re likely to get pages hit from me. I’m already boycotting Destructoid for this reason, and I’ve been wondering whether Kotaku was any better than them. Please tell me I’m wrong. Dammit, the gaming community deserves better than a media merely being a copycat of the men magazines filled with cars, gadgets and playmates.

  • the idea of “babes” is already pretty retarded.

    I don’t think you can be like 43.5% clothing is fine, 42.5% and try to be really specific.

    cant we just try a bit to be respectful and tasteful. rather than like oh well however many babezzz they allow, or whatever the most extreme thing we can do is, thats what we’ll do

  • Man, you guys are wimps. Arguing how much clothing they should wear? Honestly?

    Booth babes are awesome. It’s hot girls standing around, hopefully in costume, being hot. No ones pretending otherwise. In other, related news, most women like being considered hot.

    It’s not offensive, and its not degrading women. Men like looking at attractive women. This isn’t some kind of revelation or secret. We do. Hell, most women like looking at other attractive women, as any womens magazine will show you.

    This kind of wimpy, limp wristed “objectificationn of women?” Really, you think getting PAID to stand around in cosutme is somehow degrading? Goddamn, I wish someone would pay me to do nothing but stand around while people admired how attractive I was.

    Honestly, if I were one of these women, I’d have a bigger problem (actually, a huge problem, as you want to get rid of my employment) with you self righteous anti-booth babe types than anyone else. After all, you guys make sweeping statements such as: “completely clueless and probably just pretty girls with a dearth of money and pride answering an ad from Craigslist.” Really? This is what you think? You need to spend some time away from your computer, and with actual hot girls in this case. They can be quite cool, you know.

    Fortunatley for me, attractive women have proven to be a marketing sucess, and have been for hundreds of years. So booth babes will be here to stay. Just like hot waitresses, cheerleaders and grid girls. And thats awesome.

    • Please, tell me you just time traveled from the 50s, otherwise I’m going to feel depressed and somewhat misanthropic with such mentality still around…

      • You’ve heard of Third Wave Femenism right?

        Look it up, its pretty awesome.

        Stop being a wimp also.

  • As said above I think booth babes damage the industry.
    If gaming wants to be taken seriously (as art, not for ‘fat-nerds-in-their-basement’) I don’t think having booth babes are helping that. They don’t have hot babes standing around looking hot as a way to grab attention anywhere else that I can think of other than a car show.

    Can’t gaming move a bit beyond this at its biggest event and grow up as an industry?

  • If the automobile industry wishes to be taken seriously, they need to… wait. Your argument makes no sense.

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