Let's Improve The 3DS!

The 3DS is an impressive piece of kit. It's similar enough to the DS to capitalise on its predecessor's familiarity, but its machined edges and glossy finish give it a more contemporary look. It's not, however, perfect.

Let's try and make it perfect. Since the design we saw at E3 is not guaranteed to be the final finished product - Nintendo can, like it did with the DS, make cosmetic changes - there's room for some tweaks to be made. A nip here, a tuck here, a surprise new feature added at the 11th hour.

What would you like to see from the final 3DS? You can either shoot for realism and suggest superficial changes on things like shell design or colour range (why aren't there more cream consoles?), or you can get greedy like me up top and ask for bigger screens and, more importantly, two thumbsticks.


    That picture got me excited, I thought there was gonna be another thumbstick. >.<
    Another thumbstick would be nice, bigger screens are always welcome.
    I think I'd like more colours, and better cameras on it. Cameras don't phase me much though, I'll use it for gaming.

    I don't know why everyone is clamouring for two thumbsticks.

    Listen, unlike the PSP, the DS has a touch screen. You use one thumb on the left thumbstick, and then you use your SECOND hand on the touch screen.

    You see, the touch screen is kind of like a thumb stick that is more accurate, understand?

      Hence why Plunkett admits he's being greedy.

      Personally I'd like it to be thinned down, it's still too large to fit into a pocket conveniently. :(

        What abount lefty? How are they going to use the analog stick and stylus at the same time when there is only 1 analog

          Hadn't really though about that.

          The same way as they have with only one d-pad I suppose.

            With current DS, you can use ABXY button to control direction (eg. Zelda).

            ABXY can emulate the cross direction control, but they cannot emulate the analog stick.

      This man makes a valid point

        Except you can't use the touch screen and L/R.

        I'd go for the extra thumbstick, and having the top half the same colour as the bottom. For some reason the colours are slightly different on all of them, and it just looks ugly.

          You most certainly can, unless you have freakishly small hands. Have you never played Metroid Prime: Hunters? Just rest your pinky finger on the R button. If i can do it on my big as DSi XL, people with a normal DS have no excuse

            I always found that that technique resulted in crippling cramps with half an hour. It's a shame, I loved Metroid on the DS and the controls were tight and accurate, but trying to play it in practice was like the vulcan nerve pinch.

      2 Thumbsticks is not as dumb as it sounds.. especially for molly dukers like myself. Damned if I'll ever use a stylus in my right hand :0

      theres also the fact that this effectively loses the bottom screen for anygame which may want to make use of it well as it could be kinda awkward to hold like that

      To me it just needs another stick plus the way the console is setup not is not left hand friendly

      since the touch screen has to be on the right finger or you loose the stick altogther

      and battery life
      (my Dsi's is getting worse and worse

      While I am reminded of how single stick controls worked back on 64 with Goldeneye I still think that having two would be a better solution for playing FPS. I absolutely hated the controls for Metroid Prime Hunters - it just felt awkward to use the touch pad at the same time as navigating with the D-pad. I can only imagine this would become even more awkward when you have to be holding the unit steady and at the correct angle for the 3D to function properly. 1 stick for aim, 1 for movement and shoulder buttons to fire/jump.

      Other than that I think the different screen sizes could be problematic depending on how you want to use the touch screen.

      Or maybe nintee is planning to hold back improvements like that so they have something for the "lite" version they'll bring out once we've all bought this one so they can get us out of a bit more dosh.

        N64's yellow-arrow C buttons were camera buttons- precursor to Rstick.

      Incorrect, sir. The touchscreen has no haptic feedback, you cannot sense it moving around. Beside that, I've played DS games with the screen as a substitute analog, and man was that crap.

    :( I thought the picture was an actual revised 3DS. It looks... perfect.

    Well, from what I gather from the vague previews I've read, the thumbstick is currently sitting around the N64 in terms of sensitivity and feeling, and that it doesn't feel quite right. So I guess, fix that, make it better? Since this is a fantasy, make it more powerful, with twice the battery life, and at half the cost, but since that isn't going to happen- The ability for it to render games in 2d, but using the full resolution of the top screen, whereas currently if you just turn the 3d slider to off, I assume it just ends up with stuff looking kinda blocky.

      Yeah 2D mode would be great. Seeing as spectators was a big thing with the DSXL it seems like a waste to throw that away.

      For me the mianthings are incresing screen resolution, Its always bugged me on the DS how the poor screen resolution makes it all look so much worse and older than it is. Of course they have imporved the screen resolution already and asking for more may be greedy.

      Another slightly greedy request is the ability to play GBA and GB games. Unfortunately i doubt this would happen. seeing as they want to keep the unit as slim as possible and adding something like flash cards which would allow this would spawn rampant piracy.

      The only real non-greedy request i'll make is a single colour version. Everything i've seen has been 2 colours and some of the mixes have been quite jarring and cheap looking (i do however love dark blue and black)

      Back to the greedy requests. Dual thumbsticks plox.

      Thankyou in advance santa!

        but its easy to allow that if they merely got off there ass and released the back catalog for digital download theyd make heaps

        like one would think that they would have just released at least all the old zeldas

        who cares if it sits at the same resolution it had im pretty sure the top screen is tall enough so it shouldnt be a major issue

    Power button needs to move elsewhere. I can see me hitting that bad boy while frantically trying to capture *insert unnamed awesome 5th gen Pokedudes here*.

    I personally find the different sized screens a bit annoying. I'd prefer them to be the same size.

    I know the pic doesn't show it, but the other colours have a black bottom half and red or blue on the top half. The inconsistency in colour just annoys me and I would rather have it one continuous colour (like the black model). A green model in the future would be nice. Preferably a lime green or a nice dark green (ie. not some icky puke green colour).

    I can imagine myself accidently hitting power button too...

    Can it play Gameboy Advance games because if it can't they should add the ability to. Also the ability to play Gameboy games.

      Unfortunately, it can't play GBA games.

      Be hopeful, however. Modders have managed to make a GB and GBA emulator for the current DS and DSi, so if they manage to crack the 3DS, i'm sure they'll be able to get GB and GBA Games.

      Also, by the looks of things, nintendo are looking to implement a lot of wii-like features to the 3DS's online capabilities, so fingers crossed for Virtual Console!

    An all-white or aluminium-ish (think unibody MacBook Pro) option.

      *barf*. Why is everyone obsessed with the Apple white? It's an Eyesore, especially on a desk or in public. I'd much rather take a less distracting black or dark red.

      Dammit, I remember when everything was beige. Gameboys, computers, walkmans. What ever happened to beige being the colour of technology? I like beige :(

    Needs a thumbstick on the BACK, controllable with your middle/index fingers.

    It would be cool if the 3DS could also record 3D movies.

      and also be able to plug it into your tv so you can watch 3D movies and 3D tv broadcasts from your 3DS.

    I think it should come with a grip straight in the box, without having to buy a 3rd party kit or something. I would also like the rumour that the two screens would be the same size and be very close together as so they can be viewed as one screen to come true. Please please? Then the resolution would be amazing.

    I think we need a tiny thumbstick on our stylus. Only way we can ramp the analog up to 11.


    1) Larger top-screen. I know the speakers need space too, but there's so much wasted real estate up there. Enlarge it to be border-to-border like new flip phones.

    2) Enlarge the button screen. Same deal, make the Home buttons on the buttom more flush with the base to give it a bit more room. Raise this screen too.

    3) Better processor, preferably a modern Ultra Low Voltage mobile processor capable of 1GHz+ clock rate with integrated GPU (I say integrated because it's nice on battery and netbooks these days are still more powerful than the 3DS)

    4) 3D Video camera (software patch?)

    Things that they got right: The stick on top of the D-pad (NOT like in the picture), Nintendo and Microsoft got it right the first time. The thumbstick will be used MUCH more than the D-pad, so give it the better, more comfortable, resting thumb position. Sony only put the control stick below D-pad on Dualshocks because they added it later, after the first PS controller in response to Nintendo and never bothered changing it since.

    One thumb stick please. 2 sticks are used mostly in FPS and Arcade (geometry wars). Casual FPS works fine with touchscreen, any more demands and you should just play them on your console. I never understand this argument, it's a portable, not a hardcore Halo console.

    That is the most perfect nintendo console ever!!!! :D

    the colour needes to be the same for the frames around the top and bottom screen

    I'd just like to move that 3.5mm headphone jack to either the back or on the right side of the handheld.

    It'd make things much more comfortable when playing games or listening to music.

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