Let's Play A Game: How Many Copies Of Modern Warfare 2 Have Been Sold?

Modern Warfare 2 was released in November 2009. It's now June 2010. That's plenty of time to sell, what, 10 million copies? Please. It's plenty of time to have sold a lot more than that.

Publishers Activision disclosed tonight at an E3 party that Modern Warfare 2, released on PC, 360 and PS3, has now sold over 20 million copies worldwide.

Those are Nintendo-esque numbers. Crazy.

Sure, the game has it's share of problems, most of them on the singleplayer side of things, but when a game sells 20 million copies you have to tip your hat to it regardless.


    Um... WOW?

    That's very impressive, but are we all sure its SOLD and not SHIPPED? I would believe Shipped with an instant, I still see heaps on the shelf and price the same as it always has been since launch.

    The multiplayer side of things does deserve the sales. It is enjoyable online. Single player is just shit, nothing more can be said about it. But at the same time - neither of them two can compare to COD4. If this sold 20 million, COD4 deserves 40 million.

    Does this mean MW2 is now the best selling game on 360 and over took Halo 3? I would like to see Halo: Reach beat Halo 3 which would then hopefully beat MW2 if it is best seller on 360.
    I spent more hours playing the Reach BETA than I have playing MW2 since it launched.

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