Let's Quietly Judge How Gran Turismo's Creator Drives

Kazunori Yamauchi doesn't just make racing games. He races cars, too.

In this clip, Yamauchi is behind the wheel of a Lexus IS-F race car, doing a complete lap at the 24-hour Nurburgring circuit. The vehicle is in the upcoming Gran Turismo 5. Call this research.

No crashes, engine noises, European track. Watching this video is like watching Gran Turismo.

Huge respect for Yamauchi's dedication to racing and racing games. (If only he could release his games in a more timely fashion!)


    Get back in the studio and finish the game. Don't make me buy Forza 3!

    Anyone timed his lap to see if he beat the ford transit van?

      yeah he did a 9:48 which is faster than the transit LOL (but is the 24h track the same as the 'open' course which the transit lapped?)

      he was the 2nd fastest driver for that team of 4 drivers IIRC

    Happy to say we share the same driving style :D

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