Live From Nintendo's E3 Briefing

We're currently sitting in on Nintendo's E3 briefing, an informal little get-together that's becoming quite the E3 tradition. Last year's brought us a Zelda Wii reveal; what will 2010's bring?

In attendance is legendary designer Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of series such as Mario & Zelda, who during the session will be speaking with writers and journalists about things Nintendo showed off during its E3 press conference this morning, and some things it didn't.

We'll bring you news as it happens from the briefing, so refresh the page to get the latest.

- The 3DS version of Ocarina of Time we first saw this morning is real. Sort of. Miyamoto is playing with it at the briefing (no press hands-on, sadly), but like a few other 3DS titles shown off so far is merely a tech demo for the new hardware. He says he liked the openness of Hyrule Field in Ocarina of Time, and wanted to recreate that sensation in 3D to see how people liked it.

- As for Star Fox 64, Miyamoto says that he started work on a Star Fox game the instant Nintendo began work on the 3DS.

- Miyamoto says he doesn't just want to port old games to the 3DS, and that the Ocarina and Star Fox demos we've seen today are things the company is actively developing, at least in terms of scope and design if not in terms of literally developing.

- According to Miyamto, the depth of 3D effects really help you see things like whether Mario is actually standing right under a block or not.

- Back onto re-releasing older games, Miyamoto says Nintendo is looking at them individually to see how 3D can affect them and what possible new features they could add to the games.

- Miyamoto is talking Nintendogs + Cats: "So you know cats are interesting. They are kind of like girls. If they come and talk to you it's great. But if you try to talk to them it doesn't always go so well"

- Apparently the inner-facing camera of the 3DS can be used to recognise a player's face. If you're playing Nintendogs + Cats and tilt your head, for example, you pet will follow it. If you lean closer, the dog might try to lick your face, etc.

- The game can store several faces in its memory, which means your dog will know the difference between its owner (or owners) and strangers, and behave accordingly.


    Nice, glad they are looking to new games for the new system rather than trying to make old ones fit. Face tracking sounds like a good addition as well. Has a release date been announced?

    Oh wow, so you are hearing pretty much the same stuff from the Iwata Asks videos which immediately followed the Nintendo press conference on

    Nintencatdogs in conjuntion with nickelodeon.
    Would be the best game for 3DS lol.

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