Looks Like There'll Be More PS2 Games Released In HD On PS3

Just like we asked for/hoped for, it appears Sony will be releasing more classic PS2 games on the PlayStation 3, featuring things like updated high definition graphics.

Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida told IGN "we are looking to continue to do these HD conversions" following on from recent God of War and Sly collections. Also, if you look at the box art for Sly, it features "Classics HD" branding, indicating it's the first in an ongoing label of games to be re-released.

Exciting. Movies and music have long benefitted from remastered editions of classic works; it's about time games got serious about it as well. What do you think will be next? Gran Turismo? Final Fantasy? Team Ico's games?

Expect More PS2 HD Collections [IGN]


    Well I doubt that final fantasy needs it but I guess a giant compilation of the first 7 or 8 would be good for people who like that sort of thing.

    I really don't think gran turismo needs a remake when there's a sequel. Most of the time that would be a bad reason to not do one but its driving cars around a track, nothing too different between iterations

    Now the Team Ico games I'd definitely go for personally, same if they remade stuff like GPolice & Colony Wars

      I second the G Police / Colony Wars call.

    Would love to see an HD Metal Gear Solid collection at some point, maybe as part of a Subsistence-style MGS4 release.

    Team Ico's games would, of course, be awesome.

    This is great stuff. Second hand hoarders of "rare" games selling at ridiculous prices second hand don't benefit the games industry in the slightest. I'm pleased to see Sony on the front foot, and offering people who missed out on games from a previous generation a real world option to play these titles.

    I grabbed God of War Collection for a great price new (having missed both titles on PS2 originally due entirely to budget reasons), and it's nice to know my cash goes to the first party developers and publishers, and not elsewhere.

      Ridiculous prices is what makes the game rare. Too many chepos out there looking for a bargain.

        I'm with you pwner - if very few copies of a game, ie. Shadow of the Colossus were made, and someone such as myself shelled out $100 to buy the game when it first came out, why on earth am I mysteriously going to say "Hey, yeah, this is almost impossible to find, but I'll give it away for $30 because man, you want it baaad!"

        Then, what if that game is Limited Edition? What if Kow Otani hand signed my copy? Still looking for a bargain here? Some of these cheapos need to get real - if you couldn't afford it then, and you can't afford it now, I'm genuinely sorry. But don't blame the 'second hand hoarders'. They're 100% entitled to do what they please with their purchases.

          Of course they are "entitled to do what they please with their purchases". I'm not suggesting any different. I'm merely pleased that I now have the option to give my money to the people who actually put hard work into creating the game (and thus hopefully funding their future development projects).

          We see consistent re-releases of movies years after they appear in cinema. It's about time the games industry caught up and realised that the window of opportunity to make money from a title is not just the life of a single generation of console.

          It is, however, amusing how many people are already complaining about these HD re-releases, because their original copies of games are now "devalued".

    it'd be great for sony to remaster Spyro the dragon collection [only the original 3] and Crash bandicoot [same original 3 + ctr] they were great games or at least release the spyro series on the Aus psn : /. I like the idea of bundling all the old final fantasy's together that has potential to make millions and sell hundreds of ps3s.

    Silent Hill 2, 3 & 4

    really hope they remake Metal Gear Solid 2&3

    I'd like to see a re-make of Time Crisis 2&3 and Point Blank so I can have something else to use with my guncon besides Time Crisis 4 :0


    isnt this something they promise not to do usually. just rehash and re-release old games

    I would buy a PS3 just to play Shadow of the Collossus again, proided all the do beyond graphics is make Aggro a little less sluggish, he aged poorly.

      Yep, same here. I've already got the PS3, and I'm willing to part with good money to be able to play SotC with a steady framerate.

      Absolutely brilliant game, but at times it bit off a bit more than the poor old PS2 hardware could chew.

    Ace Combat and Metal Gear Solid collection would be awesome

    Darn, I'll wait to see what kind of justice they do these games but, assuming they make some magic happen...

    *peers into bank account... scrapes together $600 or so*

    Oh money! I hardly knew ye!

    I've been itching to play Shadow of the Collossus for years now. My friend has a copy of Ico that she hasn't touched, I should really steal it and play it on the $60 PS2 i bought a few months ago.

    Two words... Team Ico.

    This made me sad. When I saw the thumbnail and the little blurb thing, I thought they finally announced it! But no. Alas. One can hope.

    Metal Gear Solid 2 & 3 would be my main picks.
    I would also like to see Final Fantasy X (with the International/PAL additions in all versions of both MGS and FF).

    A good choice for Sony, I think, would be the three main Jak and Daxter games redone on a single blu-ray like the GoW collection. A lot of people loved, and still love, those games and there's a whole younger generation of gamers now that might've missed out back then, who'd love to play them now.
    Platformers would be a great choice.

    Damn it, Luke. I saw the image and title and thought we'd got Ico/SotC.

    Way to get my hopes up, man.

    At the risk of being chased out of here, I wonder if they plan to re-release any of the Xenosaga games or the .hack// games.

    *Dons a HEV Mark IV Hazardous Environment Suit just to be safe.*

    You cruel cruel person... That title image made my heart stop but alas it was not to be (yet!)

    I'd LOVE to have all the old MGS, Final fantasy X (preferably international), Kingdom hearts and Team Ico obviously :D

    Of course they could just put backwards compatibility in, but wait, you can't charge gamers twice over for that!

    You evil, evil son's of bitches !!!!!!!

    You got me all excited about a SoC remake / revamp!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I still love Kotaku though.

    Shadow of the Colossus please please please please please

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