LucasArts Names New President

LucasArts today named Paul Meegan, the chief executive of Epic Games China, as its new president, a source told Kotaku. Meegan replaces Darrell Rodriguez, who abruptly resigned the position in early May.

Meegan, the CEO and co-founder of Epic Games China, also was a senior executive for Ubisoft Shanghai, Ubisoft Montreal, and Jaleco Entertainment. He founded Sinister Games in 1997, which was acquired by Ubisoft in 2000.

Rodriguez had held the post for two years before leaving on May 6.


    This is only important if he releases new versions of X-Wing & TIE Fighter. Oh, and SWBF3. And while we're at it, gives Tim Schafer a pot of money to make more games...

      And put their older games on GOG so we can play the original X-Wing & TIE Fighter

    Yep, first order of business.
    At E3 announce a new X-Wing, TIE Fighter or X-Wing Vs TIE Fighter... or all 3.

    More tentacle games

    I was really hoping a man named Lucas Arthur would be the new president...

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