Lucasarts, This Monkey Island 2 Trailer Was A TERRIBLE Idea

Why? Because now, as nice as the special, revamped 2010 remake of Monkey Island 2 looks, I want it to look like this clip instead.


    Haha, my thoughts exactly! It's so sexy, but impossible :(

      Well, I wouldn't say impossible. If you used pre-rendered backgrounds I reckon something like that might be achievable. Impossible part would be to convince Lusasarts to do it :P

      In any case, yeah, it was pretty unfair of them to tease us like this.

    Yes. Yes, I will have one of them, thank you!

    Love the Homer "woop woop woop woop" homage!!

      Which, like many early Simpsons refs, is a Three Stooges homage.

    Where's his goatee?

    That was fantastic, they can still do their old school humour dead on!

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