LunchTimeWaster: Click To Erect, My Lord

There was a long-running series of city building games from a developer called Impressions, the best known of which is probably Caesar. This browser-based city builder resembles Caesar. In fact, you might say it ws Caesary.

Because that's exactly what it's called. Caesary.

There seems like quite a fair bit to it. Indeed, you can see above that I'm still fumbling through the information overload that is the game's opening tutorial. Best part so far is when my buxom guide asked me to click on Erect.

Caesary [Kongregate]


    Is this an evony clone inspired by the ads, or is it something to be completed in a day or two?

    lol, erect.

    ... I don't get it

      "Erect: To put up by the fitting together of materials or parts"

      Maybe David has some sort of construction obsession, so easily excited by the prospect of building things.



    Hmmm, erect... sure you wanna do that, buxom lady guide and all ;)

    This thread is going places...

    hyuk hyuk hyuk hyuk hyuk

    hoooooweeeee we got a wild one

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