LunchTimeWaster: Dreams Burn Down

It's odd that something which moves with such breathless speed can prove so relaxing. But this lightning fast side-scrolling collect 'em up allows me to totally zone out.

Starfall is part of the current Experimental Gameplay Project, an indie game design workshop. This month's theme is "high velocity" and Starfall more than lives up to the billing.

Your star collects dreams as they come flying across the screen; the more dreams, the brighter your star will shine. But there are nightmares, too, which dim your star until it inevitably fizzled out.

Like Canabalt, sometimes you'll actually want to hit a nightmare since it slows everything down and allows you to refocus. There are occasional power-ups that change your star's form, so keep an eye out for them.

Can you set a new high score?

Starfall [Drunken Monkey Style]


    Oh yeah! 9th highest score for today, 15th highest score overall. Only 1 Australian above me :P

    wow, first go and I get first place; 5940. Musn't be too many people playing yet. Fun little game though, nice waste of a lunch break

      I had a couple of goes.. 3rd will do me for now..

    "unce ts unce ts unce ts"

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