LunchTimeWaster: First Person Sweeper

Minesweeper is super addictive. But it's so abstract it hardly conveys the nerve-wracking tension you'd feel if you really were sweeping for mines. How could we change that?

By switching to a first-person perspective, of course!

First-Person Minesweeper is exactly what it says on the box. It's Minesweeper - but in first-person. You do still have to click on a tile to mark it as a mine. But instead of clicking on tiles to clear them away, you actually have to step on them. If there's no mine under foot, you're safe; if there is, you're gone.

Sure, it's still pretty abstract, but if you hanker for a more immersive take on Minesweeper, here it is.

First-Person Minesweeper [Oren Yomtov]


    What... no killstreaks? Lame.

    I want chopper support.

    unity 3d?

    sorry posted before i visited the site..

    Oh man, I remember playing a multiplayer MineSweeper map on a Source mod. That was always good for a laugh.

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