LunchTimeWaster: Spore Was Never This Gross

The rotting carcass of some unidentifiable animal lies next to a still cesspool littered with garbage as the paint peels off the walls. Robot Unicorn Attack this is not.

Such is the grim setting for Unnatural Selection, a puzzle game centred on exploring the evolution of worms and maggots.

By clicking and dragging various creatures you can coax them into evolving as they eat other and adapt to a different habitat. There are sixteen creatures in total to discover. I've only found thirteen so far. Can you get all of them this lunchtime?

Unnatural Selection [Rather Good]


    I managed to make all 16 after a little while... :) Just mix and match really until you find something that's different :)

    Got 14/16 and lost interest... interesting concept tho

    Yeah 14 also before i couldn't be bothered anymore... was somewhat neat though

    Got all of them, the most fun to get was the alligator :)

    Nice game!

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