LunchTimeWaster: Twitter Hell Shmup

People say inane things on Twitter. Like, what they had for breakfast. What the person next to them on the train is doing. Or whatever music they just happen to be listening to. Wouldn't you like to shoot them?

Well, you can't shoot them, as such. But you can shoot tweets!

Information Overload is a simple side-scrolling shmup where the waves of enemies are text plucked randomly from various internet sources, including Twitter.

On the right there you can see me battling against a news report of Wimbledon. As a shmup, it isn't very good. But it's fascinating to see what slice of contemporary communication it's going to pit you against next.

Information Overload [Kongregate]


    I fkn hate twitter people link it to their facebook accounts and then update every little detail in their life. I DON'T GIVE A FARK!!

      You can block comments from individual people, y'know? In fact, I think you can choose to block updates from particular apps (the Twitter app, for example), and then you'll still get the normal messages from those people, without getting anything Twitter-related.

      Don't quote me on this though; most of my friends have the decency to stay the hell away from Twitter. ^^

    I agree with EzyLee on linking accounts - that shit is annoying. There's a place for one, and a place for the other. They don't need to merge. Then there's foursquare .. ugh.

    Other than that, I like twitter. I get some great laughs from it, keep up to date with techblogs and news, and pry my eye at Dave's song of the day. I can see why it's not everyones cup of tea though, there is a shit-tonne of inanity.

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