LunchTimeWaster: Yet More Castles To Crush

You've already crushed some castles. And you've - no doubt - crushed some more castles, too. But, dammit, there are yet more castles to crush!

If you've never crushed a castle in your life, it's easy enough. Click once to start your trebuchet. Click twice to release its load. Time the release correctly and you'll take out the supporting beams of the castle and splat its inhabitants.

Crushing castles has never been so satisfying.

Crush The Castle 2 [ArmorGames]


    This game is incredibly addictive. There goes my exam study... :/

    who keeps building all the god damned castles?!?!

    someone fetch my trebuchet!

    loved trebuchets since AoE 2

    Awesome, as always :)

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