Madden’s Newest Stat, "Swagger," Is Sponsored

Madden’s Newest Stat, "Swagger," Is Sponsored

In the rollout of Madden player ratings, few noticed the attribute “SWG” – for swagger. But a leaked screenshot in the EA Sports forums put it on everyone’s map today – because it’s sponsored by Old Spice.

See for yourself:

As for what “swagger” does for you, word has it that it’s a kind of confidence rating, so if that player is involved in a big play or a score, he gets an attribute boost for a few plays after that. How long or how much is governed by how much juice he’s got.

This whole thing is brought to you by Old Spice, a longtime marketing partner of EA Sports (in NCAA Football) which back in January began some campaign with the NFL to identify which teams had the most swagger.

I don’t know what meaningful impact this’ll have on the game, apart from being kind of hilarious. That’ll be the attribute I crank up when I go in and create myself this year – as the kicker. I want to know how low your balls swing in Madden with a 99-rated Old Spice Swagger punter.

Madden 11 Has Lots of Swagger… Literally [GoMadden]


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