'Major Patch' Is On The Way For Backbreaker

Backbreaker the challenger to Madden NFL that got one very big thing right but a lot of little things wrong (or not at all), will get a "major patch" taking into account community suggestions, the studio said on Friday.

"We've had to hold back on discussing this for the past couple of weeks but today I can finally tell you that we have been working on a major patch for Backbreaker," said NaturalMotion's community manager. "The patch will address many issues and requests raised by the Backbreaker community, so thank you for your valuable input. Further information will follow in good time, but you should be aware that this is something that we are taking seriously and will not be rushing out."

Though I was hard on it in the review, count me among those willing to give Backbreaker an honest second chance. I'm not sure how much it can pack into a patch though, especially if matters such as injuries and fatigue are completely missing from the version out now. Tweaking penalties seems like it could be patchable issue, and certainly the game could use some AI fixes.

It shouldn't get graded on a curve simply for being brave enough to challenge Madden without a licence. But the basic proposition of Backbreaker - football as you play it, not as you watch it - was still a winner. Its control set imprinted on me enough that I had to spend several games in the NCAA 11 demo unlearning those reflexes on defence. And Backbreaker is still more engaging on that side of the ball than its EA Sports competitors.

I don't think a patch is enough to comprehensively raise this to a great game, but it is good to see both the strong post-release support and a good idea given a chance to be better.

Major Backbreaker Patch in the Works [Operation Sports]


    I am quite excited about this patch. I am anticipating fixes that include AI (includinng difficulty settings that are meaningful), fixed penalties, improved instant replay camera features and actually, more dropped balls/fumbles as currently your hands are just a little too sticky. I am not expecting or even really care about fatigue or injuries (do these actually = fun?)...

    The developers have been great updating us when they can about the patch and this will be a welcome improvement on a good game.

    As all of the reviews have said, this is desperately needed (hence the average score of 5/10). Unfortunately, this release may be too late for many players who have already read the reviews and decided not to get the game.

    On the weekend I played it with a few friends who were NOT regular gamers but both are currently playing gridiron in Australia and they loved the game and had no issue picking this up and having a laugh.

    One interesting comment from a mate of mine was that while this game copped a fair bit because the players models, specifically the pads were not realistic. My friend said that he actually liked the look of the'futuristic' pads and got us into a discussion about the evolution of equipment and that the pads that are used today, while technically improved, have not drastically changed in a number of years...

    I will keep anyone who cares updated once it is out!.


      Personally i look forward to hearing more about this - so yeah, get onto it boy! lol

      i didn't mind the demo, it certainly was a massive change, but still fairly enjoyable. I'll still be waiting for a bit of a price drop before i pick it up, however.

      Who knows, maybe it'll be added to games sale this week.

        It has not been selling well so expect a quick price drop... so yeah, look forward to you checking it out... I want the online lag issues (Not actually that bad recently with local players) to be fixed and thne see more of you guys on there.

        You could play against yourself.....

          Would be a good contrast with how much time i spend playing WITH myself...

            You think you got it bad... I've been playing WITH you, often without your knowledge for weeks now!!!

              ...so that's why i'm always feeling sleepy...

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